Saturday, April 14, 2012

#Chocolate Dipped #Pretzels #Recipe

I’ve become a conscientious consumer and have been teaching my family the importance of being one too. I pay attention to ingredients on everything my family and I eat. Some would say that I am not allowing my child to have a ‘normal’ childhood because I won’t let my 3 year old have candy or a lot of the junk food out there.  I read food labels (primarily list of ingredients).  I am also teaching my son to check labels for any numbers and when he sees them to know that it has yucky stuff in it. I know that many foods we consider staples, I will buy organic. Other ingredients that I avoid at all most other times are: artificial dyes, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated oils.  When we eat out which is infrequent it’s harder to know what’s in the foods so I say that if we are eating well at home then the occasional time out to eat is okay or considered ‘in-moderation’ and I let it slide. Then I go home and double up on my Juice Plus+ Orchard & Garden capsules- which are free of all yucky ingredients! =)

Back to our regular scheduled programming. Tonight we made chocolate dipped pretzels. The chocolate was by Baker’s – the kind that melts in the microwave.  We dipped the pretzels in colored sugar, crushed almonds, mini chocolate chips and toasted coconut. Because we aren’t using artificial dyes the coloring of the sugar was a little weak but it all tasted good plus I didn’t mind when my 3 year old ate the rest of it off the plate when we were done! No CARAZZZY sugar rush either.  There’s a BIG difference between artificial dyes and dyes made from natural sources - at least, with my child!

We placed the pretzels in the fridge for the chocolate to harden.  We’ll keep them stored there until all gone or 5 days whichever comes first.  I think 'all gone' will be first because we’ll be sharing them with friends this week. We made roughly 3 dozen pretzels.

Pretzel Rods, broken in half
Maggie's Naturals Food Coloring
Ground Almonds (Use a Vitamix or other food processor)

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