Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Snowball Cookies with a Healthy Twist

It is snow much fun to have friends over for a snack and craft play date, isn't it?! 

With an average of 3 inches of rain per year in the high desert, the chances of having snow to play in locally is slim to none. I did hear about some scant snowfall 3 years ago. So, why not bring the snow to where we're at even if for an hour! 

My son and I made snowball cookies! 

1 3/4 cups of organic flour (like this)
1/4 cup organic flax seed, milled, see note 1 (like this
1 cup of softened organic butter
1 cup of organic powdered sugar (like this) or make your own see note 2
1 tsp of vanilla
1 cup of chopped nuts of your choice (I used almonds)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Add this to YOUR wellness journey!


How do you know the supplement you've chosen was the right choice? You know when your lifestyle changes and I'm not talking about money. I'm talking health because it is the greatest wealth.

Your product(s) should change you; it should change your mindset about having (being in) a healthy lifestyle. You can't simply use your product as a way to stay the same. When there is no transformation, there is no growth.

You may need to question your intentions. Why did you select the product in the first place? Is it still meeting your needs today as it did when you first selected it? Has it become an income earner for you but you're not totally in love with the product (anymore)? I've seen and heard all of this before.

What if? 

What if you could have both - a product you absolutely enjoy and can make some income sharing it, and a third reason - with a company you respect. I think all components are important but nothing, and I repeat, nothing beats a changed lifestyle. If your product offers you a safety net so that you don't have to make the real changes then it's not going to be a long term solution for you. I believe that most people who go into wellness and align themselves with a product are doing so for a health need. Some see the potential dollar signs and are in it only for the income. Be cautious of these kind. They *may* not have your best interest at heart. I did not run into these kind when I first learned about Juice Plus+. I ran into people who had a passion for wellness. They were in the medical field and they were into incorporating more holistic changes in their day to day activities and in the services they provided. 

Where it began

You see, nearly six years ago, I was eating one fruit OR one veggie a week, if that, and I knew nothing of ingredient labels. I didn't know about pesticide overload. I didn't know that filtered (heavy metals removed) water was the best drink for hydration. Oh, I could tell you about snack cakes and the cereals that I thought were 'healthy' because they had the words, natural or made with fruit, but I (we) know this means absolutely nothing - the proof is in the ingredients! When I first heard about Juice Plus+, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, who isn't when they hear about the 'next best thing'? Plus, I don't make haste decisions about investments. (More information on my wellness journey, visit my About section and my guest post on Honey Colony.

So, I did my research (cross referenced everything) and then I read the studies, the first one that caught my eye was from the Journal of Cardiology that I interpreted to mean that whatever high (bad) fat foods I was eating; I could neutralize it with the Juice Plus+. (You can read the study here.) This thought gave me hope because I ate horribly but then I really had no idea how JP+ would change my mindset about food! It did. It took about 5 months for me to start seeing / feeling any changes because I was not a healthy individual. I had years of GI problems. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Keeping You Rooted

(Scroll down to "Announcement;" there you'll find the details about the December promotion and the winner has been selected!)

Here are 7 reasons why your wellness journey matters:

Oh, I know there are many, MANY more reasons why your wellness journey matters but I wanted to jump start your thoughts into thinking positively about the possibilities! 

I'd like to plant some seeds to help keep you rooted in wellness! Join me...


Wherever you are in your journey, it's a personal choice. If you're alone, partner with someone who will bring accountability and encouragement. (You can partner with me! Information about my wellness services as a certified health coach here.) 

Here are some ways to incorporate more health giving choices in your life: 

+ Ask a loved one to join you on a lesson of healthier living like taking a real food cooking class or going on a farm tour. 

+ Maybe connecting with some local families and offer your acts of love and kindness. 

We need more of that in our world plus there's an intrinsic benefit to this act because it opens the doors of more good things in your life, you know, blessings?! 

+ Find eco-friendly and sustainable small businesses in your community. Learn the 12 Reasons we should shop small here

+ Learn about your environment and remove the negative triggers that permeate every fiber of your being throwing you off your goals. 

+ Foster the encouraging resources and find like minded communities to grow! 

Now We're Growing 

Talking about growing, I've had my feet grounded in learning as much as I can about food integrity with a concentration on label reading. I am just now getting my toes dipped in when it comes to personal care products. I have learned a lot from Monica with Ava Anderson, Women's Voices of the Earth, and MomsRising. 

There is A LOT to learn; however, don't get discouraged. One small step for mankind, wait, I mean, well, it is for mankind! Because you are becoming aware of the source and quality of what you're putting on and in your body one ingredient at a time and this will not only help people but the planet too!

I often quote, "quality and source matter" meaning I put emphasis for clients who are in various stages of their wellness journey. We all can become informed and then make changes as our resources allow. Sometimes a mindful shift is required to make the change happen and stick

[Real] Rainbow

One of the principles I focus on in my health coaching business is teaching individuals to eat more of the real rainbow, that is... fruits and vegetables and to always make organic choices whenever possible. However, simply knowing your food is organic may not be enough. You may know a local farmer or have a supplier where you know their cultivation processes but they do not carry the symbol currently (or yet) but they have gained your trust. There are plenty of conscientious brands (companies) out there who are 100% transparent with all the ingredients and can and will answer your questions and disclose the information prominently on their website. 

If you're unsure about any product you consume or are considering, please message the affiliate, agent, rep, or the company direct before making the investment into your health. 

With that said, we must be willing to dig deep about all products that we believe are a good source of quality for us. Don't just stop at supplement companies but look at household consumables and skin care and food - make the real food switch, one item at a time. 

Label Requirements

Labels. Ah, they're fancy many times. Even certified organic can have some inferior ingredients. How does one know that? Well, those companies do disclose their ingredients list. So check it out - it's found on the Nutrition Facts label.

You can learn about some of the requirements companies must go through to receive the organic certification and what they must do to keep it here from the USDA website, what percentages of ingredients must be organic from NSF here, and 10 frequently asked questions about organic from About here.  

I like to see the NSF label on products that do not carry the certified organic label. NSF is a third-party organization unaffiliated with any company. They basically test to see if what the company says is in or not in their product is the truth so if you find a company that says non-GMO but is not non-GMO project verified but carries the NSF label, you can feel good about your purchase. 

Not everyone can afford the USDA certified organic label without increasing their own product prices but with many voices like Mamavation, Flour Sack Mama, Robyn O'Brien, and many other front runners, there will come a time (we hope) that this label will be available to more farmers and suppliers without the risk of putting them out of business. Know your ingredients. Know your supplier. Ask the questions. Learn. Research. Grow! 

Drum Roll... Announcement Time! 

I saved the best for last. I've got some pretty exciting news to share with you! I know that my existing clients will jump on this opportunity but because this announcement is THAT good, you will want to too! And, then you'll become a loyal and happy customer as well. =)

In order to be entered into this promotion, all you need to do is place a new order with me (click here to view the products) by December 31, 2014. You can find my products page here. The products are plant based, grown without contaminants, non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, non-irradiated, no preservatives, no artificial dyes or sweeteners, Kosher, and NSF certified. You may also be interested in the research on our product. It is independent, third party and published. Here is a listing. There are over 30 studies to date! 

Place a new order with me (by 12/31/14) and I will enter your name into the raffle. One fortunate customer will win an aeroponic gardening system free which includes the freight charges. The value is $620!! Woohoo!! =) 

Food grown in this gardening system cannot officially be called 'organic' because there is no soil but many refer to it as such because there are no contaminants (unless you apply them yourself but why do that when you can use garlic, herbs, marigolds, to keep the bugs away?). You may want to follow my Sustainable Living board here for eco friendly and upcycled tips to homesteading, gardening, etc.

What else do you need to know? Other than placing your order directly with me, (link here), and by the due date (12/31/14), you cannot be an existing team member. This offer is only for customers - (new, never ordered) or existing - by placing a new product order. This is all you need to know to be entered into the free gardening system. Additional accessories are not included; however, the system comes with a lot to get you going including non-GMO seeds. Details on what comes with it here. (If you do not want to be entered into the promotion, let me know that when you place your order.) Good luck!! 
NOTE: This gardening system is available in the continental U.S. (and direct from Canada to Canada). 

You can grow fruits, veggies, berries, herbs, flowers and 'some' root veggies (I've heard it can be done) in this gardening system. Learn more about this system here. If you've ever traveled to Chicago O'Hare you may have seen them. If not, here's a video. More and more people are aligning themselves with this sustainable movement. Ever heard of Ron Finley? He ordered one of these systems (view here on Facebook)! Listen to his TED talk here. 

Plant your roots with me! 

Maybe ordering the product(s) is not enough. Maybe you want to get involved in this wellness revolution with me? Sweet!! I'm expanding and would love to have you on my team; however, I must add that having an interest in real food nutrition and witnessing other people bloom into their own version of wellness is a huge plus! So, link arms with me and let's live life to the PLUS+! More details here.

Maybe you'll be the lucky winner. Only 1 gardening system is being given away; winner's name will be drawn by 1/10/15. Get those orders in. Partner with me. Share this post with someone you care about. The winner has been selected and notified. Congrats Jennifer S., of San Diego, California! Happy Gardening!! =)

Shop Small 

I mentioned supporting small businesses (12 Reasons) above, but I also wanted to share with you that I'll be giving away (until supplies run out) a #ShopSmall canvas bag with every new customer. The extras just keep coming! Are you excited yet??

What will you order first? Who will you tell second? And, if you should win, what will you grow? Stay rooted in wellness! =)

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Choose, eat, and live well! =)

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