Tuesday, May 17, 2011

#Repetition - A Reminder to Keep Offering to Your Children

This post is about encouragement. If you're a parent whose child(ren) do not eat fruits and veggies, don't lose hope. 

Let me ask you this first though. Do you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables daily? If you don't, maybe that's why your children don't. However, if you do and you find they aren't eating any or enough this is where the encouragement I want to offer to you kicks in. 

Keep offering and eating your fruits and vegetables every day. Eat a variety too! 

For a quick, healthy dinner, I like to make a veggie burger over brown rice and a side of additional veggies - usually carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. (I personally can't get enough veggies!) I've made this and eaten this with my family a dozen times over. My son always eats the brown rice, broccoli and carrots without a fuss. Tonight my son picked up a piece of the veggie burger (I cut it up in small pieces and toss it with the brown rice) and asked me, "eat it?" I said yes, of course. He puts it in his mouth and he's mmm mmm the whole time he's chewing. He asks me for more! I'm excited on the inside. I don't make a big deal of it because that may give him a negative view of eating later.

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Choose, eat, and live well! =)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Delaney's Market - Open House May 12, 2011 [Now out of business]

Update: Though this business is no longer open, it still is a fond memory in my book and was a great addition to Temecula's Old Town. I just wish more people could have seen and visited this gem! 

Entrance to Delaney's
I had the distinct pleasure attending Delaney's Market & Cafe's Open House Thursday evening. My plan was to drop by for a few (and hit the gym afterwards) but I ended up visiting for about two hours and totally missing my cardio workout! But, I'm humbled to have spent my evening with Jordan Stone, owner and founder, of Delaney's.  

Jordan Stone, owner and founder, Delaney's
Jordan has been in business for two years this June. I've known her personally for about a year and a half. Our relationship has blossomed in the last year. I find that when I visit, I usually leave with something sweet! Though I did invite a friend to have dinner with me one evening in March. During the week, sandwiches made with Boar's Head and Ciabatta bread with organic greens and tomato are offered, and a more extensive dinner menu is offered Fridays and Saturdays. Her home-made pastas are divine. 

Delaney's is a "Market and Cafe" and it carries organic, free range, hormone & antibiotic free goods and affords the opportunity for local "like-minded" vendors to place their products on her shelves. A small section in her store has been dedicated to locally made products that are free of parabens, pesticides, or other harmful ingredients. 

One of the vendors there last night was sampling raw vegan cheesecakes. Barbara Dowling, owner of The Raw Vegan, was a delight to speak with. She truly is an inspiration to anyone on the mission of eating clean and she is a cancer survivor... she ate her way to good health! That's the way to do it! 

Customers on left, Barbara with The Raw Vegan on the right
Jordan offered artisan foods, sandwiches, and local eggs, grass-fed chicken, raw dairy, and local meats. 

Everyone who came in had filled in an interest form and were entered in a drawing, which they had to be present to "win". Five lucky winners were chosen for a scavenger hunt. I was one of the winners. We were given 3 recipes and we needed to find the ingredients for each recipe and be the first one to find them all first. A new customer won! She even had an 18 month old child on her back in an Ergo carrier! I got stuck looking for the chicken broth! The gal who was first won all the ingredients in the basket! I think it was at least a $50 value! Congrats Bam Hoener!


The eventual winner, Bam Hoener and her helper!
There was plenty of samples of food and drink. Virgin pina colada, chips & crackers and dips of many kinds - from apple butters, to salsas, and spinach lasagna, cheese enchiladas, and 3 beef 'stews' made with simple ingredients and humanely raised and hormone free beef! 

Maria, a friend of Jordan's for 10 years was there helping customers acclimate themselves with the products and services of Delaney's and passing endless food and drink samples all while educating us on the ingredients found in them. 

One additional drawing was held and it was a gift basket stocked full of chipotle and spice enriched products. 

Customers to the left, and Maria on the right
Jordan is considering doing more scavenger hunts throughout the year. She was delighted to see the turnout and thinks that offering the hunts more often will help her customers learn more about eating clean, becoming healthy-er, and sharing what they've learned with their friends and family all while encouraging the growth of Delaney's. 

One thing's for sure, even in this dire economy, there is still a community of people who will eat well. Thank you Jordan for providing a much needed service in our community! May you continue to be prosperous in both health and wealth! 

Pictures were provided by Ms. Liselle Regueiro DeGrave, a local public relations consultant & freelancer hired by Jordan Stone for this event. For more information on her services contact her at : www.degravecommunications.com.