Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Try This to Improve Your Life and Relationships {Guest Post}

iConveyAwareness - T'ai Chi Chih for Improved Relationships with photo cred: Seek a Little Solace

Are you interested in serenity, longevity, and good health? Or, perhaps you are interested in becoming better at golf, skiing, or whatever you most enjoy doing. Maybe you would just like to feel less stressed, and more relaxed, less fatigued, and have a general feeling of well-being. If any of these benefits appeal to you then T'ai Chi Chih can help achieve this and much more. People who do the movements regularly have reported a more balanced weight, lower blood pressure, improved vision, asthma greatly relieved, along with clearer mental focus and insights. 

[T'ai Chi Chih improves quality of life which means improved relationships - what a positive byproduct!! - added by Jessica David.]

What is T'ai Chi Chih?