Monday, October 26, 2015

Surrounded by Chihuahuas {Guest Post}

iConveyAwareness | Guest Post Andrea Cordes - Fitness is an Attitude

This is the second guest post from Tabata Bootcamp Master Trainer, Andrea Cordes of Formation Power Fitness (her Facebook page is linked). Her website is forthcoming. Last June, she wrote a guest post on moving more, drinking more for a ten day challenge I hosted several months in a row. (Drinking more water and moving your body more - exercising!) See Move More, Drink More for guidance and challenges you can set for yourself starting tomorrow for ten days. You can do it! 

"You have probably walked into a class at the gym and one of the first things the instructor tells you is to: "Leave your problems at the door, this hour is for you!" If you've been to any of my cycling classes, you've probably heard me say something similar. Leaving life behind for a while has its advantages. There's power in taking charge of when you want your problems to hold you. The escape of getting lost in physical movement and the sweat is also therapeutic. But what about the days that those problems refuse to remain in check?

And can it ever be advantageous to face the problems full on, perhaps even embrace them? I believe the answer is decidedly "yes" and I'll tell you why.