Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Add this to YOUR wellness journey!


How do you know the supplement you've chosen was the right choice? You know when your lifestyle changes and I'm not talking about money. I'm talking health because it is the greatest wealth.

Your product(s) should change you; it should change your mindset about having (being in) a healthy lifestyle. You can't simply use your product as a way to stay the same. When there is no transformation, there is no growth.

You may need to question your intentions. Why did you select the product in the first place? Is it still meeting your needs today as it did when you first selected it? Has it become an income earner for you but you're not totally in love with the product (anymore)? I've seen and heard all of this before.

What if? 

What if you could have both - a product you absolutely enjoy and can make some income sharing it, and a third reason - with a company you respect. I think all components are important but nothing, and I repeat, nothing beats a changed lifestyle. If your product offers you a safety net so that you don't have to make the real changes then it's not going to be a long term solution for you. I believe that most people who go into wellness and align themselves with a product are doing so for a health need. Some see the potential dollar signs and are in it only for the income. Be cautious of these kind. They *may* not have your best interest at heart. I did not run into these kind when I first learned about Juice Plus+. I ran into people who had a passion for wellness. They were in the medical field and they were into incorporating more holistic changes in their day to day activities and in the services they provided. 

Where it began

You see, nearly six years ago, I was eating one fruit OR one veggie a week, if that, and I knew nothing of ingredient labels. I didn't know about pesticide overload. I didn't know that filtered (heavy metals removed) water was the best drink for hydration. Oh, I could tell you about snack cakes and the cereals that I thought were 'healthy' because they had the words, natural or made with fruit, but I (we) know this means absolutely nothing - the proof is in the ingredients! When I first heard about Juice Plus+, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, who isn't when they hear about the 'next best thing'? Plus, I don't make haste decisions about investments. (More information on my wellness journey, visit my About section and my guest post on Honey Colony.

So, I looked into it a bit more and then I read the studies, the first one that caught my eye was from the Journal of Cardiology that I interpreted to mean that whatever high (bad) fat foods I was eating; I could neutralize it with the Juice Plus+. (You can read the study here.) This thought gave me hope because I ate horribly but then I really had no idea how JP+ would change my mindset about food! It did. It took about 5 months for me to start seeing / feeling any changes because I was not a healthy individual. I had years of GI problems. 

A game changer

Juice Plus+ served as a catalyst for me to understand the foods (the ingredients) I was consuming and with 30+ published clinical studies (to date) on protecting the immune system, increasing cardiovascular wellness, and a lot more, I will continue to adore this company and the product. The business plan is pretty awesome as well! 

Of course, I no longer eat the way I did. I no longer have GI issues, I sleep well on less than 8 hours of sleep (I slept a lot and never felt refreshed). I don't have asthmatic symptoms. I salivate when I walk in the produce aisle. I always buy more produce than what's on my grocery list. I absolutely LOVE veggies.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine! I am passionate about your wellness and I was credentialed as a certified health coach in 2012. My passion rests in helping you understand that real food can heal and this is especially helpful for parents with children living at home watching your every decision.

Will the Real Food labels please stand up?! 

Eat more of nature's [real] candy found in colorful produce daily. Does your product help you do that?!? Mine does. Plus, with 5 products, the decision is simple. No need to scroll through dozens of products promising results when you've got Juice Plus+ with a 21-year track record and 30+ peer reviewed, independent, double blind, gold standard, published studies addressing that JP+ gets into the body and what it does once it's there. No other supplemental product can even come close to what JP+ offers. Bet!

The testimony is in the infrequent doctor's visits and in my images that I share frequently on Instagram. I want everyone to eat at least 5 different fruits and 5 different veggies a day - from many colors and grown without pesticides or other contaminants and nonGMO. Most days, and depending on the season, I hit this mark and that's not even counting the JP+!

Check out this yummy dinner (images above and below)! THIS! This is evidence of a changed lifestyle. Maybe your goals are different than mine. But, let me tell you this, eating fruits and vegetables are a key component to your health regimen. If you're not exploring this option yet, it's the missing ingredient(s). It WILL make a difference in your lifestyle. Choose whole foods, choose Juice Plus+. 

Before I share my recipe, by the way, Juice Plus+ is not really a supplement and it's not a vitamin either. It's dehydrated fruits and veggies (and grapes and berries) grown without contaminants, is non-GMO, NSF Certified, gluten and dairy free, no preservatives or artificial dyes or artificial sweeteners. Between the Trio (orchard, garden, vineyard) and the Complete (bars and powder) there is roughly 80 whole foods and it carries a Nutrition Facts label! Get some!! =)

(Choose at least 6 different veggies)
Purple Potatoes (omit if too much starch, replace with another vegetable of choice)
Grain of your choice
1. Prepare veggies to be about the same size of each group. My knife skills are sub par so I know you can do the best you can with this step. 
2. Cook purple potatoes first in EVOO and herbs of choice. I used dried organic oregano / basil, garlic, and adobo. 
3. Cook carrots next then kohlrabi.
4. Cook shallots, broccoli, and asparagus last.
5. Veggies should cook in about 10 minutes flat on medium heat. I like my veggies al dente. 
6. When the whole grains are heated (90 seconds), add a couple tablespoons of butter for added flavor and good fats. Top with veggies! 
7. Buon Appetito!! 

Choose, eat, and live well! =)


  1. This is usually the kind of meal of choice I go for to eat veggies :) Sounds great!

  2. I love veggies too and I have heard good things about Juice Plus but have not looked into it - thank you for inspiring me to dig deeper!

    1. Dina, if you'd like to chat about Juice Plus+, message me on Facebook or use the contact form on my blog. I know you'll be delighted on the quality and the affordability of the dehydrated fruits and veggies found in the product. Be well! =)

  3. Gotta love veggies and fruits ... the color of the rainbow.

  4. The recipe looks super yum. I'm glad you are doing well Juice Plus, I know others that are too.

  5. Yum, great looking veggie mix there!! :) And we totally love our Juice+ too!

  6. I've never heard of Juice+. Thanks for this! And it's amazing that you have successfully made so many changes to the way you eat. Wishing you a great 2015 with lots of healthy food!

  7. I've never had Kohlrabi before. This sounds very delicious tho!

  8. That dish looks gorgeous! One of my goals for the new year is too consistently eat my veggies.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    am a huge fan of grains with veggies. I make lots of combinations and they are so satisfying. That is my version of healthy comfort food. Thank you so much for sharing your healthy and delicious recipe with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I'm pinning and sharing!