Friday, February 7, 2014

Let's Get Snacking -- For kids to adults!

Let’s Get Snacking!

Great for kids’ snacks, brown bag lunches, *grazing trays, and pre/post workouts.

What is a *grazing tray? It is a way to prepare, introduce, and/or offer children (adults can do this too) different foods in a muffin or ice cube tray. 

A client recently asked for a list of green-yellow light food snacks she can pack for her family. She mentioned the tried and trues were getting a bit old. So, I created this list of recipes and ideas from several bloggers and yours truly. After creating such a great list, I knew I had to share it here for more families to benefit. Not every selection has a recipe. You can search Pinterest for ideas. I have been given written consent to use the links in this post. The +s allow you to differentiate (I hope easily) between the food selections.

I'll be sharing more than 50 recipes from over 30 bloggers!! There are 3 categories: Pairings, Homemade, and Miscellaneous. The lists are alphabetized. I will close with several L.E.A.N. style tips for getting families to eat more of the good stuff!

Pairings - Are nutrient dense foods paired together that provide satisfaction (keeps you fuller longer) and helps to increase natural energy (because [real] food is fuel).  

+ “Ants on a log” – Celery with natural PB and raisins
+ Apples with drizzled raw honey and sprinkled cinnamon
+ Carrot chips with flax yogurt dip {Recipe from A Harmony Healing.} 


+ Chopped fruit with rice crackers
+ Cucumber sandwiches with tomato and /or tuna 
+ Frozen banana bites {Recipe from Conveying Awareness.}

+ Fruit (or vegetables) with a nut butter (2 options below). 

{Almond butter with chocolate recipe from Girl Meets Nourishment.}
Girl Meets Nourishment
{Peanut butter recipe from Cheeky Bums Blog.}

+ Graham crackers with nut butter, sliced bananas and coconut chips. 
+ Homemade trail mix 
+ Kabobs – vegetables and /or beef. {Beef recipe via The Organic Kitchen.}

+ Natural peanut butter with organic strawberry jam on whole wheat bread
+ Parfaits – Applesauce with homemade goodies {Recipe via Jar O' Honey.}
+ Raw veggies dipped in hummus 
+ Rice crackers with cream cheese or PB with sliced fruit on top
+ Skewers - fruit and vegetable types (2 options below)

{Vegetable skewer by Honey, Ghee, and Me.}
Honey, Ghee, and Me
{Fruit skewer by Jar O' Honey.}

+ Stuffed apricots {Recipe via Homegrown and Healthy.}

+ Turkey and cheese roll-ups (add avocado for added nutrition)
+ Veggie sandwiches {Recipe from The Organic Kitchen.}
The Organic Kitchen
+ Whole grain waffles topped with fresh fruit
+ Whole wheat crackers with nitrate free lunch meat


+ Almond Coconut bars {Recipe via Paleo Gone Sassy.}
Paleo Gone Sassy
+ Almond Date bars {Recipe via All Things Health.}

+ Apple Rings (grain free) {Recipe via Conveying Awareness.}

+ Banana Chips {Recipe via This Tree of Life.}       
This Tree of Life
+ Bean Quesadillas {Recipe via Daily Pea.}      

+ Chicken Salad {Recipe via Honey, Ghee, and Me.}
Honey, Ghee, and Me
+ Coconut Crisps {Recipe via Just Enjoy Food.}
Just Enjoy Food
+ Cucumber Snack {Recipe via Your Gardening Friend.}    
Your Gardening Friend
+ Dehydrated Fruits / Vegetables (3 options below)

{Basic food preservation via Don't Waste the Crumbs.}

{How to recipe via Kitchen Stewardship.}

{Kale chips via Little Owl Crunchy Momma.}
Little Owl Crunchy Momma
{Beet chips recipe via Live Simply.}

{Sweet potato chips recipe via Paleo Gone Sassy.} 

+ Deviled Eggs {Recipe via Just Enjoy Food.}
Just Enjoy Food
+ Egg Salad {Recipe mayo-less via The Good Long Road.}
The Good Long Road
+ Fruit & Nut Bites {Recipe via Natural Family Today.}

+ Fruit Snacks (with gelatin (not Jell-O); 5 options below)
{Recipe (strawberry) via An Organic Wife.}
An Organic Wife
{Recipe via Eat Play Love More.}

{Recipe via Girl Meets Nourishment.}

{Recipe via The Hippy Homemaker via Hybrid Rasta Mama.}

{Recipe via Mindful Mama.}
+ Granola (bars)
{Recipe via Completely Nourished.} 
Completely Nourished 
{Recipe via Hands On Learning 4 All.}
Hands On Learning 4 All
{Recipe (no bake) via Live Simply.}
Live Simply
+ Granola (loose; 2 options)

{Gluten-free granola recipe via A Harmony Healing.}

{Recipe via Live Simply.} 
Live Simply
+ Guacamole (2 options)

{Recipe via Completely Nourished.}

{Recipe with added veggies via Honey, Ghee, and Me.}
Honey, Ghee, and Me
+ Hummus (2 options)
{Recipe via Attainable Sustainable.} 

{Recipe with 11 add-ins via Don't Waste the Crumbs.}

+ Muffins whole-wheat {Recipe via Live Simply.}
Live Simply
+ No Bake Power Bites {Recipe via Convey Awareness.}

+ Peanut Butter [Chocolate] Bonbons {Recipe via Little Owl Crunch Momma.}

+ Raw Brownie Bites {Recipe via Live Simply.}

Wait, did YOU notice ALL of the chocolate recipes in a row?! 

+ Roasted Chickpeas “Poppers” (2 options: 1 spicy & 1 sweet)
{Recipe (spicy) via Pickle Me Too.}
Pickle Me Too
{Recipe (sweet) via Real Food RN.}

+ Spring Rolls with rice paper {Recipe via Happy Health Nut.}

+ Sweet Potato Tots (gluten-free) {Recipe via Real Food RN.}

+ Zucchini Bread (whole grain) {Recipe via Honey, Ghee, and Me.}
Honey, Ghee, and Me


Annie’s crackers
Apple wedges
Cucumbers (peel skin if too thick)
Edamame (organic)
Frozen applesauce drops
Grapes (peel skin for kids under 12 months)
Root veggies (raw or roasted)
Sunflower seeds

Extra tips: 

Take the normal food items your little one likes and cut them into different shapes or add ‘dips’ to accompany the food items. It will appear different and it will be fun for them and you!

Raise a salad lover following these tips: Serve it at the beginning of the meal, include lots of crunchy vegetables, add sunflower seeds or grated cheese, choose great greens, and serve a salad buffet by putting all the ingredients in different bowls and allowing everyone to choose what they want. 

Instead of packing fried chicken strips, try a grilled chicken sandwich, fish tacos, or a chicken salad. 

Always reach for water when thirsty. Bored of water? Infuse it! Add fruits and herbs to your water. It's pretty, tastes great, and it's the [real] vitamin water! 

To recap the featured blogs: 

A Harmony HealingAll Things HealthAn Organic WifeAttainable SustainableCheeky Bums BlogCompletely NourishedConvey AwarenessDaily PeaDon't Waste the CrumbsEat Play Love MoreGirl Meets NourishmentHands On Learning 4 AllHappy Health NutHomegrown and HealthyHoney, Ghee, and MeJar O' HoneyJust Enjoy Food, Kitchen Stewardship, Little Owl Crunchy MommaLive SimplyMindful MamaNatural Family TodayPaleo Gone SassyPickle Me TooReal Food RNThe Good Long Road, The Hippy HomemakerThe Organic KitchenThis Tree of Life and Your Gardening Friend.

Let me recommend a few Pinterest boards worth following. Some of them are collaboration boards featuring several of the bloggers from this post:
Real Food Cafe, Recipes Using Vegetables, Nutritious Snack Ideas, and Eat the [Real] Rainbow

Choose, eat, and live well! =)


  1. GREAT post! Thanks so much for putting this together :)

    1. Karin, thank you for your readership and our consult in December which created the momentum for this collaborative post. Be well!

  2. I love to snack on fruit, nuts, flax seed crackers, hummus, guacamole or a quick smoothie. I am a pretty simple snacker. This is the most comprehensive and delectable roundup of amazing snacks I have seen in one place! I have been inspired to up my snacking game. So many yummy treats to make, oh my! Thank you for sharing them with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I'm pinning and sharing!