Friday, November 8, 2013

Persimmons Chips Anyone?

Out of the MANY recipes for DIY dried snacks, this is the first one I read and said, "I can do that!" and guess what? I DID! 

Holistic Squid made it remarkably easy. She takes full credit for the recipe because I didn't put my personal spin on it but I had to share this as a post because --- I have yet to make my own dried fruit until today. I'm not a fan of fresh Fuyu persimmons but I've had them sun dried before from Buena Loma Gardens. I received nearly 2 dozen persimmons in my CSA box and I was bummed that they weren't the baking kind. So, using my mandolin, I sliced the persimmons at two different thicknesses. One was extremely thin which made my dried persimmons come out super crunchy and the other was the next thickness up and they came out chewy. Both, might I add, were tasty! I really liked her addition of the lemon juice. It brought out the sweet notes of the persimmons that I don't taste when I eat them raw. 

Please visit her blog for the original recipe (linked above), but do get inspired from my images. I dried 6 persimmons. I will be making another batch soon. Will you make some too?

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