Friday, November 1, 2013

DIY Organic Vegetable Broth

Organic DIY Veggie Broth 

I often ask myself how can I reduce food waste. I don't have a garden yet so the pulp from my juicing goes into the trash. =/ When I do garden, there won't be any soil (aeroponic style) plus I want to control the water that hydrates my plants. When I prepare meals, I have lots of odds and ends of vegetables that I used to throw away until a friend said: "Make your own vegetable broth." Duh, why didn't I think of that?! (It's kind of like when a mom creates a super cool idea and patents her invention and you're like ... "I could've done that but hadn't, didn't, ...").

Over the course of several weeks, I saved the tops and skins of my vegetables grown via my CSA #AHOrganics in a large gallon sized ziploc bag stored in my freezer. 

I added organic extra virgin olive oil to a skillet on medium heat and poured the frozen scraps into and sauteed them for about 45 minutes - the longer, the better in my opinion. It allowed the flavors to intensify. Then I poured approximately 5 cups of spring water and let it simmer for one hour. I added some organic dried oregano and Himalayan pink sea salt to the broth for more seasoning. 

I cooled the broth for 15 minutes before straining the liquid from the vegetables. I first strained it over the colander then I used a clean white T-shirt where I able to squeeze the remaining broth from the vegetable solids into 2 clean glass containers. 

The broth can keep up to a week in the refrigerator and several months in the freezer. 

Isn't it cool that you can use a white T-shirt in place of cheesecloth? This idea totally rocks and works brilliantly!! =)

What DIY tricks do you have in the kitchen? 

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