Friday, April 1, 2011

Brown or White #Eggs?

So I bought some brown eggs the other day at a health food store. They are locally (within 100 miles) raised, Chino Valley Ranchers, Organic Omega-3. The hens are fed a vegetarian diet that includes flax seed and are free range. They are USDA organic. The dozen cost $4 or $5, I can't remember. Seems like a lot of money but once you've learned what you eat eats then it makes you take a second look at typical things you buy. Eggs and milk are staples in my house and so we buy only organic. There is a difference in taste of regular (corn) fed hens' eggs to vegetarian fed hens'. There is also a distinct smell.

Anyway, I wanted to learn more about why the brown eggs cost more than the white. Some say that there's a nutritious difference between the two being that the brown ones are healthier but there had to be a real reason why the cost was higher for the brown ones.

So I did some research. I learned that there are two kinds of hens. Ones that lay white eggs and ones that lay brown eggs! Yep, it's that simple. Hens with white ear lobes lay white eggs and hens with red ear lobes lay brown eggs. Hens that lay brown eggs are also larger birds than those that lay white eggs. They need more food and they're offered different (or better) feed than the other hens thus the real reason the cost is higher for brown eggs. The red ear lobed hens makes bigger eggs too.

You can find white organic eggs from hens fed on a vegetarian diet. You'll save about a $1 or more on white organic eggs. So there are still affordable options if you want to go organic.

Support local farmers!

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