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First Annual Prime Time Wellness Summit - Highlights

Wow! What an awesome first event. I recently (9/26/15) held an all-day wellness summit on healthy aging teaching the principles of the Prime Time Health (PTH) series. PTH is a scientifically proven plan developed by Dr. Bill Sears and his wife, Martha Sears, RN, and is taught by certified health coaches that graduated from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. I have been a certified health coach since 2012. You can learn more about me here. If you want to know how to age healthfully, you'll want to contact a certified health coach with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute STAT. Thankfully, certified health coaches for Dr. Bill Sears can also teach this series online providing the convenience of online education and for a fraction of the cost. Contact me if you'd like to pursue this option.

Without further ado, here are the highlights from my first annual Prime Time Wellness Summit. The summit was held at the Living Desert Wellness Center located on Ridgecrest Blvd., in Ste. B. 

Convey Awareness | PTWS 1st Annual Summit on Healthy Aging
The classroom before the attendees arrived. 

Convey Awareness | PTWS 1st Annual Summit on Healthy Aging
Preparing attendees for the first workshop of four for the all-day wellness summit. 
I have taught the Prime Time Health series at local venues around my area. I usually teach them one at a time (or two at a time on separate days) and I always serve a healthy snack. I am fond of this series as it provides sustainable tools for one's wellness journey and what a better way to make it into an all day wellness summit! 

Plus I hired an awesome real food culinary specialist, Shelli Moreno of Eat Well. Just recently, she was able to quit her full-time job at Frito Lay to pursue her passion of teaching others how to cook and eat well. Yes, you read that right. She wasn't a consumer of Frito Lay - she was an employee that brought in the necessary income for her family. You gotta do what you gotta do until things change and my, my how things have changed! She's an excellent chef!

Convey Awareness | PTWS 1st Annual Summit on Healthy Aging
Nutrient dense, vegetarian, and a colorful lunch provided by Shelli Moreno of Eat Well. 

Convey Awareness | PTWS 1st Annual Summit on Healthy Aging
Enjoying a peaceful non-rushed lunch while Shelli enjoys a massage.
I plan to hold these summits annually so I hope that you can make it next year. It was a lot of fun and rewarding for all who attended. A little over half a dozen local businesses partnered with me in providing donations from their businesses for the attendees. It was an intimate group - just the right number of people for the first event. There were seven people in attendance and seven giveaways. I am intending for the attendance to grow with each passing year. I believe that more local businesses will donate to this wellness cause. My belief in working together with like-minded people is that everyone can get a piece of the pie. It truly is a win-win-win experience. 

Convey Awareness | PTWS 1st Annual Summit on Healthy Aging
Maggi offering free neck and shoulder massages.
Convey Awareness | PTWS 1st Annual Summit on Healthy Aging
Jessica and culinary specialist, Shelli.

Convey Awareness | PTWS 1st Annual Summit on Healthy Aging
3-ingredient peanut butter truffles made by Shelli.

Convey Awareness | PTWS 1st Annual Summit on Healthy Aging
Spearmint infused chocolate coconut truffles made by Shelli.
Below is a snapshot of the donations. These businesses were also recognized in one of the local newspapers. I am beyond grateful for their partnership with my business, Conveying Awareness. Learn more about each of the businesses as you continue to scroll down. If you're in the local area and haven't heard of the businesses before or haven't met the owner, contact them and let them know you read about them on the iConveyAwareness blog. They'll be glad for the mention. #shopsmall #shoplocal 

Tessa Meyers is a licensed massage therapist and personal trainer. She is also the owner and founder of the Living Desert Wellness Center (LDWC). She has a big heart and concerned about the whole wellness of every person she works with and on. She donated a 30-minute massage and a 10-pack group exercise class pass valued at $130. 

Tammy Mottheshard is a master herbalist and certified aromatherapist and is the owner and founder of Celebrating Wholeness Natural Healing. Like me, she is a whole food advocate. Tammy teaches her clients about safe use of herbs and oils as well as soaking and sprouting and more. She offers her services at the LDWC. Tammy donated a gift certificate for AromaTouch valued at $60.

Angela Cooper is the owner and founder of The Massage and Yoga Center of Ridgecrest. She is a massage therapist and yoga teacher. She exudes personal responsibility and love that radiates to all who come in contact with her. I have taken her yoga classes and she is very good at her craft! Angela donated a 5-pack of group yoga classes valued at $65. 

Andrea Cordes is a Tabata Master Trainer and has an extended list of other titles and certifications. She is also the owner and founder of Fitness is an Attitude (you can find her on Facebook until her website launches). She is a former fighter jet pilot with a passion for empowering her clients to move more. She believes exercise allows us to do basic everyday functions with ease. I thoroughly enjoy her Tabata Bootcamps! She donated an over-the-shoulder Tabata bag, Tabata t-shirt, a figure-8 tubing, and a 25% off discount to Avia valued at over $50. 

Jewelry to Go is owned and founded by Al and Mary Alvarado. They're IJO Master Jewelers and have been in business since 1986. They donated a $75 gift card to be used on any new items by 11/30/15. 

Maggi Cerutti is a Certified Massage Therapist. She has her own studio. You can find her on Instagram. She currently has her account set to private. Request to follow. 

Dr. David A Fowler is a chiropractor and is in the middle of opening his own place on Downs Street. When I am notified of his website and Facebook account, I will update this post. My son and I have both seen him for adjustments. He is one of very few chiropractors in our area that adjusts children as well.

In addition, all local residents can save 20% off the Prime Time Health (2011) book at Red Rock Books in Ridgecrest. This book is the supporting materials for the "On Your Own" sections in the back of each of the 4 PTH workbooks used at the wellness summit. Please tell the owner, Ann or one of her employees, I sent you and be sure to check out her store. It has some really great finds for awesome gift giving ideas! 

Convey Awareness | PTWS 1st Annual Summit on Healthy Aging
Giving away donations from the small businesses listed above. 

One of my guests harvested fresh organic vegetables from our community garden. You can learn more about that here and here. She went over during her lunch break to bring us two varieties of eggplant and several varieties of leafy greens and herbs. All of the attendees took some home with them. Yum! 

Convey Awareness | PTWS 1st Annual Summit on Healthy Aging
Fresh organic vegetables from the RC Community Garden.
We closed out the event with a feedback survey. I am happy to report that I rated very high and the attendees thanked me for an excellent summit on healthy aging where they learned 1) to eat real food, and 2) move more. Would you like to make a lasting change in your lifestyle? Dr. Sears says that we can add more life to our years. It's not merely about living a long time if we're in pain and have no quality of life. Let's put these steps in place together and make a difference in your life! Link arms with Conveying Awareness!

Convey Awareness | PTWS 1st Annual Summit on Healthy Aging
I'm looking forward to partnering with you on your wellness journey. If you'd like to hold this summit in your facility, contact me, and we'll make arrangements that will meet both of our schedules and meet the needs of your patients, clients, residents, etc. You can also learn more about booking a nutrition consultation with me through my coaching website here

Great news! Through the end of the year, I have doubled the donation amount for non-profits (or a wellness related cause)! When you sponsor a non-profit through one of my 3-week online Nutrition Simplified classes, I will donate 50% of the proceeds! Contact me for more details.

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Choose, eat, and live well! =)

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