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Detox Your Mind and Body

Detox Your Mind and Body Cover with Skyfire Ranch

Your wellness journey is personal and unique. I encourage you to do your own research and make the best decisions for your family’s situation with the resources you have at the time.

Our goal, I believe, is to continue seeking truths (that we deem necessary) by staying open to opportunities of learning. 

Here are 6 ways I kindly suggest that you add (if it’s a good fit) to live a positive and refreshing life. Through some of these steps, you will detox your old ways and be renewed in the process. Remember, you matter, and this is usually a hard concept to embrace if you have children living at home. 

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1). Your thoughts can move mountains! Everything we think, say and do is aligned or will eventually catch up. Speak with clarity, confidence, and commitment! 

You may like: EFT Tapping. This technique helps us speak out loud what we think is holding us back. It could be unforgiveness. It could be an error. It could be a grudge. Speak it out loud. Own it. Forgive yourself. Speak into existence what will be different. Tap it out. Be free! You may also like a simple relaxation method that you can do while you're EFT Tapping or immediately afterwards. 

Detox Your Mind and Body - Earthing with Skyfire Ranch2). Go for a walk. They say there is no Wi-Fi in nature but it’s got the best connection known to man! Go off by yourself, kick off your shoes, lie down, and watch the clouds. Do you remember being a kid and doing that? Everything leaves including sense of time. This is a great way to relax. 

If able, walk barefoot more often and especially outside on the grass. You may be surprised how simple you can incorporate this especially on a day with great weather. 

You may like: Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? (Ask your locally owned book store to see if they have a copy.) You may also like Grounding by Eat Beautiful.

3). Exercise is good for the mind too! If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, get enrolled in a class of some type. You don’t have to be a fan or a member of the gym. You can find some great resources in a private studio or in a small cardio class. Even if the latter is still not your cup of tea, you can be conscientious of moving more throughout your day. You can do 10-100 squats every hour on the hour. You can rebound for 20 minutes a day. Listen to good-for-the soul music while working out. Bring along an accountability partner. Go for that nature walk. Baby steps always count! Daja and Delia of The Provision Room have some great physical activity tips to share too. 

Exercise increases nitric oxide in the brain which curbs oxidative stress and inflammation (Dr. Sears Prime Time Health). Adding some type of exercise is good for our mind and body!

You may like: 7 Min Full Workout app for not only the smart phone but for your computer too. (It’s free.)


1). Pick an ingredient from a food package, learn what it is and all of its derivatives, determine if it is a good source (may need to contact the brand directly if unsure), and if you find that it’s not a good ingredient for human consumption, perhaps educating (in love) why others should be made aware of this ingredient may help them make the decision to limit or avoid it, too. 

You can also do this for the personal care products that you use on your body as well as what you use in your home. The goal is to become in-tune with what is going in and on our bodies. Some common toxic chemicals (via Paleo Diet Basics) in personal care products listed and what you can do instead. 

The overall goal is to become in-tune with what is going in and on our bodies and actively pursue safer alternatives. You may also like Women's Voices for the Earth to explore more ingredients to avoid. 

2). Learn to be more conscientious of how you hold yourself. How is your posture? Could making small changes in body position be the difference between freedom of movement and recurring pain? Body language may reflect what is going on inside. Perhaps we are not committing to the ‘now’ moment or we have been conditioned through environment and personal experiences to stand or sit a certain way. Sometimes we just need a little push, figuratively, to get going in the right direction. 

You may like: Somatics or the Alexander Technique and other various mind-body techniques to promote movement, healing, and overall awareness (here and here). These techniques no matter how small, or subtle, slow movements can promote healing. These techniques teach relaxation and being present with every movement of the body and breath. Replace old habits with new ones via Our Small Hours. 

3). Are you in tune with your body? This is all the stuff that’s going on inside. Knowing your body’s cues will assist in identifying environmental stimulants. Some of these may be things you cannot personally control while others may be changes in scents, lights, sounds, etc. Honoring your body is doing the thing that it requires you to do to feel your best. Only you know what this is and if you don’t, the awareness can come from thinking and speaking life-giving words, and over time, it’ll happen naturally. 

You may want to seek out practitioners that align (via How We Flourish) with your needs where they may help identify patterns and troublesome spots. Give yourself permission to apply newfound knowledge, and most of all, time to embrace it fully. Don’t give up. You matter! Your journey (via It Takes Time) is unique!

Photo credits: Skyfire Ranch. She is a personal friend of mine and has given me permission to use her images for the purpose of my blog and sharing my content and resources. 

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  1. Great post. I too believe that we have to learn the ingredients that we put into the body, so we can better our body with a proper diet. And EFT/exerice are also good for you (especially a form of HIIT, which boosts your body confidence) Thanks for posting