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In Season! Fruits and Vegetables (Spring), Part II

This is the Spring Collection of fruits and vegetables commonly found in most places around the U.S. Of course, as previously stated in the Winter collection published in January (as seen here), some of these fruits and vegetables grow year 'round or close to year 'round due to climate. Yay!

Convey Awareness | In Season! Fruits and Veggies (Spring) Part II

Let's remind ourselves why we should do our best to eat "in season" below:

Why do we want to eat produce that's grown in season? 
1) Higher nutrient value; they fully ripen 
2) Lower impact on the environment; reduce food miles 
3) Costs less!

Now, I should ask you --- how are you doing on your goal of eating at least 5 different fruits and 5 different vegetables a day? Understand the importance of eating the [real] rainbow. Each color and type make up an array of vitamins and minerals that your body knows exactly what to do with them! When we eat the colors of the rainbow every day, the real foods work together (synergistic) and do amazing things in our body and for our wellness. 

If you're new to eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, you may want to incorporate a new fruit and a new vegetable each week until a month has passed and you're eating 3-4 extra ones a day. Keep adding new (and / or different) fruits and vegetables moving forward and before you know it, you'll be eating upwards of ten a day. 

Let's get started for an awesome collection of real food recipes. I bet you'll find some of your favorites - don't forget to pin the collection - thanks!! 



Pan Seared Artichokes by Delicious Obsessions
Lemon Artichoke Mayo by Delicious Obsessions

Garlic Steamed Artichokes by Delicious Obsessions
Artichoke Soup by Richly Rooted


Asparagus, Avocado, and Onion Quinoa by A Harmony Healing

2 Energy Salads (featuring Asparagus) by A Harmony Healing

Roasted Asparagus (and tips for growing) by Learning and Yearning 

Grilled Asparagus (with garlic lemon sauce) by Montana Homesteading

Pan Seared Garlic Asparagus by Delicious Obsessions

Cream of Asparagus (and Celery) soup by Delicious Obsessions

Roasted Asparagus (with Chicken) by Farm Fresh Feasts
Asparagus Pizza (with Leeks) by Farm Fresh Feasts

Asparagus Quesadillas by One Beet Wellness

Asparagus Salad with Honey Chipotle Vinaigrette by The Organic Kitchen

Penne Pasta with Asparagus by The Organic Kitchen

Corn off the Cob Asparagus Salad by The Organic Kitchen


Garlic Shiitake Beef and Broccoli by The Humbled Homemaker
Broccoli Cheese Quiche (gluten and grain free) by Delicious Obsessions
Spicy Roasted Broccoli by This is So Good Home
Broccoli Pesto Potato Salad by A Happy Health Nut

Garlic Broccolini by A Happy Health Nut

Broccoli Topped Mini-Pizzas by me

Roasted Broccoli with Meyer Lemon by Recipes to Nourish

Fava Beans

Fava Beans Recipe by Paleo Diet Basics

Preparing Fava Beans by me


Apple Pie with Fennel (and Ginger) by Delicious Obsessions

Spring Fennel (and Asparagus) Salad by Recipes to Nourish


Grilled Radicchio (3 ways) by Studio Botanica 

Swiss Chard

Sauteed Swiss Chard with Onions and Garlic by Delicious Obsessions 
Eat Your Greens by Eat Play Love More
Charming Chard (with chickpeas) by The Blog Bloom



Apricot Shortbread by Almost Bananas

Apricot Juice Syrup by Almost Bananas


Cherry Mango Kefir Smoothie by The Humbled Homemaker 
Cherry Mint Lemonade via Recipes to Nourish

Cherry Ice Cream Bon Bons (dairy free option) by Recipes to Nourish

Cherry Strawberry Chia Jam by Natural Fit Foodie

Cherry Mint Spritzer by Almost Bananas


Honeydew and Lime Aqua Fresca via Recipes to Nourish
Honeyed Dew by Homemade Dutch Apple Pie


Key Lime Coconut Cake by The Humbled Homemaker and Intoxicated on Life

Refreshing Limeade (five ways) by The Organic Kitchen


Mango Chutney with Macadamia Nut by The Organic Kitchen

Mango Guacamole by Girl Meets Nourishment

Mango Salsa on Salmon by The Organic Kitchen


Oaty Pineapple Cookies by Rules of Dieting

Pineapple Aqua Fresca by Recipes to Nourish

Spring in a Cup by Raia's Recipes
Pineapple (with lime) popsicles by This is So Good Home

Pineapple Green Smoothie by A Harmony Healing

Pineapple Salsa by me


Strawberry Goji Jam by Rules of Dieting
Strawberry Banana Muffins (gluten, dairy, grain, and nut free) by Delicious Obsessions
Strawberry Coffee Cake by Delicious Obsessions
Strawberry Milk (dairy free) by Delicious Obsessions and Raia's Recipes

Strawberry Milk (with raw milk) by Richly Rooted and Finding the Source

Strawberry Rosehips Jam by Delicious Obsessions and Divine Health from the Inside Out
Strawberries and Cream Tart (gluten and diary free) by Delicious Obsessions and The Primitive Homemaker
Strawberry Clouds Dessert by Delicious Obsessions

Strawberry Shortcake with Cream Cheese Filling by Richly Rooted

Fresh Strawberry Pie by The Humbled Homemaker

Strawberry Banana Gummy Candy by Common Sense Home

Strawberry Lemon Ice Cream (dairy free) by Recipes to Nourish
Strawberry Pizza dessert by me

*** Stay tuned 

The Summer Collection (Part III) will publish sometime around mid-to-late July and the Fall (Part IV) around mid-to-late October. ***

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  1. These all looks wonderful. We try our best to eat "in season" fruits/veggies. Not only is its nutritional value better, the cost to buy "in season" is cheaper too.

  2. That's an amazing collection of healty recipes! Pinned so I can refer back and make a few! :)

  3. I try to keep a large assortment of various fruits and veggies in the house at all times. I love the summer because I can grow all my own veggies! I'm in MA, so the climate only gives us a small window for this. I love the collection of asparagus recipes. We eat a lot of asparagus, but honestly, with all the recipes I've tried, I still prefer simple - salt, pepper and a bit of olive oil and quickly roasted.

  4. I totally agree with you on the lower food miles. Our country doesn't grow its own food, unfortunately. I think it could but most of the land is used up for development, and we're pretty small (you can drive from one end to the other in less than an hour!)

  5. Wow, what fantastic array of healthful hints, recipes and doable, sustainable tips. Keep up this great work of spreading the word of fresh and local ingredients.

  6. I'm so happy about cherries! So excited for some sweet ones this season. :)