Thursday, December 12, 2013

For Fun! - Celebrating the last days of Autumn

With this season winding down, tell me, what is the best part of Autumn?

Is it the changing of leaves, going on a nature walk looking for treasures, or jumping into a pile of raked up leaves? 

Yes! It's all three! 

For my family, it is raking the leaves into a pile and getting some 'air time.' For others it is going on an adventure looking for 'gold' --- golden mushrooms while someone else simply enjoys the beauty of rich fall colors as the leaves change. Now take all three concepts and you've got an unschooling day upon your hands. (Unschooling is another term for homeschooling but students use real life experiences as part of school curriculum.)  

Today's post includes images from a few bloggers sharing their joys of the season. Feel free to comment with images from your own adventures! 

First up - my son. The first image is from 2012 and the others are from this year. We are blessed to have two mature trees in our yard offering up the best of the best of Autumn (in our opinion!). He rocked his pajamas in the back yard last year. 

This year he helped rake up the leaves into a bigger pile! Thanks for the help! 

Little Owl Momma shares their family's adventure looking for gold - chanterelles last Autumn. It was a two-fold experience one that was gently shared about her level of patience when 1) the mushrooms were scarce and 2) when the little one is ready to go. As a mama looking for treasures, sometimes we get more excited than our children do and we want to just look for a few more minutes. We can understand this reasoning when we consider how our children want just a few more minutes at the park. (Images are shared with written permission. Visit her blog for the rest of her story.) 

For JarO'Honey, she loves the crispness of the season and taking pleasure in nature's beauty of the change of leaves. Her favorite are the Aspens. (Shared with written permission.)

The Untrained Housewife shares her family's favorite 4 activities during Autumn which could be turned into an unschooling adventure. In addition to the love of jumping in leaf piles and going on a nature walk (or hike), they also planted a fall garden both in the ground and in pumpkins! (Image shared with written permission.) 

For additional learning curriculum, the Untrained Housewife has included several preschooler activities for this season including songs, crafts, and learning the alphabet via nature. I've included my son's Autumn craft from last Thanksgiving below. 

You're invited to leave a comment with a special memory from this season. 

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Choose, eat, and live well! =)

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