Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Grateful help - #Juicing

[This is a post that was scheduled and bumped several times. Information is solid but it's overdue to be shared.]

I am grateful that my son shows enthusiasm for helping me in the kitchen and around the home. At the beginning of August [2012], I started juicing again. Nothing really changed other than moving to a new climate. I eat my Juice Plus+ daily and because of these two factors - new environment and the adage: 'you are what you eat,' I've been wanting to get back into juicing. [I had taken a several month break from juicing.]

If you would like to learn more about how Juice Plus+ is made, please visit their YouTube channel and watch a 2 minute video. You'll be pleased to find out that we juice raw fruits and veggies including pulp and seeds/ stems, etc.  Basically what I'm doing when I juice at home! 

I own a Breville juicer that I purchased probably 8 years ago. It's easy to set up, requires very little food preparation and it's easy to clean up. Those are important features to look for. 

On this particular day, we juiced apples and carrots but we have many other favorites that you can check out on my Facebook page, Convey Awareness, under my Notes

On average, I juice every other day and on alternate days, I make a green smoothie. In a 3 day span that I had juiced, I learned that I had spent $11 for two people for only 4 fruits/veggies! 

The cost to juice:
1 Watermelon (49 cents a pound): $3
1 Cantaloupe (99 cents each) and water cress ($2): $3
9 Apples and 6 carrots: $5
Total = $11 divided for two people over three days 
                                  = $1.80 per day per person for 4 fruits/veggies

The cost of Juice Plus+ for 15 fruits, veggies is $1.50 a day!

This brings me to the fact that juicing is beneficial to your health and if you simply want to get more nutrients from whole foods, Juice Plus+ is an option that will provide a variety of produce daily!  

We are subscribers to a farm-share (like a CSA) so we get an abundance of produce and I simply cannot help myself when I'm in the produce aisle of any grocery store! I won't let produce go to waste - I will juice them! We do not compost (yet) so very little goes into the trash. Plus depending on what you've juiced, you can turn the pulp into the base for a veggie burger

If you're interested in learning more about how you can bridge the gap and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables for yourself and family, please leave a comment. I will contact you privately. 

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Choose, eat, and live well! =)

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