Monday, July 18, 2011

My Personal #Quotes - #Encouragement #Nutrition #Wellness

These quotes are being added to my blog to ensure copyrighting protection. They are my words

"Good nutrition is the foundation for which your health is found based". ~ Jessica David 

“Time and money can be two hindrances to fulfilling your goal(s); however, once you become knowledgeable, you begin to shift priorities creating value in your complete health.” ~ Jessica David

"Do not mistaken my open-mindedness as a compromise in faith. Won't happen. Nothing and no one can change my heart from Jesus." ~ Jessica David

"When people seem out of funk and things just don't make sense... I remember whose I am and what this world offers doesn't always line up with what God wants for me." ~ Jessica David
"Reach for the stars and if you miss, you'll still land upon the greatest of mountain tops." 
~ Jessica David

"Choose, eat, and live well! ~ Jessica David

"Reflect on where you've been; embrace where you're at, and envision where you'll go." 

~ Jessica David

"Words are powerful. They carry so much weight but yet can change the direction of the wind in an instant." ~ Jessica David

"Everyone has a story to tell and share. Giving people a chance to share is the rewarding part of a relationship." ~ Jessica David

"Surround yourself with people who lift you up. Someone may think similar to you but if they're inciting negativity it would behoove you to move on. Find ones that inspire greatness." ~ Jessica David

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