Thursday, June 9, 2011

Organic product great for curly hair

I want to share my experience with a wonderful product, Original Sprout, it truly works miracles in my son's hair. 

We learned and first tried the Miracle Detangler about two years ago and have been loyal customers ever since! We have increased our product usage to the Leave in Conditioner, the Hair & Body Wash, and the Deep Conditioner. 

I shampoo and condition my son's hair about 2-3x a week during his bath time at night. I comb and apply the Leave In Conditioner to help decrease the amount of tangles the next morning.

Here are some pictures of his bed head:

Our morning regimen requires a wide toothed comb, a spray bottle with water, miracle detangler and the leave in conditioner. I wet his hair completely with the water then add the miracle detangler. This allows me to get the comb through without hurting his head. After combing out the "rats", what we can tangles, I then add the leave in conditioner and then shape his hair back into his natural curls. It's a process that takes about 3 minutes. Once his hair is done it stays looking nice all day. 

Here are the after shots:

The product encourages his hair to "lay down" - or, soft and flatter than his TWA (teeny weeny afro). He's got one big curl in the front of his head ... that takes me back to his "superman" days. When he was born, he had a nice head of straight hair but with one big curl in the front. =)

I think you ought to try the product if you have curly hair, hard to manage hair, or ethnically mixed hair. 

Here's to "worry free" hair products (what's in and not in the products) and most importantly, safe and effective. BTW it smells great!

Be well. 

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Choose, eat, and live well! =)

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