Thursday, November 13, 2014

12 Reasons to Shop Small

12 Reasons To Shop Small

What can you add? 

Sure, everyone's familiar with Black Friday but even in recent years, some retail stores are trying to be open on Thanksgiving but thankfully enough awareness is being brought to this issue that it's not happening as much as it could. I believe most of us can agree that even one retail store open (on Thanksgiving) is far too many. 

But as far as Black Fridays go, I choose to skip the madness that ensues for anyone brave enough to enter the stores very early the day following Thanksgiving. I read the other day that some folks were already waiting in line 22 days before Black Friday at Best Buy in a California city. My time is much more precious and I bet yours is too! 

Then you must have heard about Cyber Monday where rock bottom deals are offered for businesses that have an online presence. "The National Retail Federation says it coined the term in 2005 to describe a sharp rise in online revenue and traffic the first Monday after Thanksgiving" (Source: International Business Times).

But, let's get back to the heart of this post. The Saturday following Thanksgiving starting in 2010, has been nationally recognized for the small business. Four years ago, American Express, wanted us (the small, locally owned businesses) to get more customers. "When you shop small ®, it can lead to big business."