Thursday, July 10, 2014

Knock Out Dizziness and Headaches

...Without using traditional medicine or OTC pain relief! Learn more about the essential oils I used but a disclaimer first:

I must share that I'm not an essential oil expert and never will claim to be but I have been using lavender EO and peppermint oil for over 10 years. In the last two years, I have incorporated tea tree oil. Lavender and peppermint have been my go-tos because frankly, I don't know enough about the others to really have a strong opinion. However, I have comfortably used these two oils on my skin (DIY body care products I've made) and in my home care cleaning products (that I've made also). I am not yet comfortable consuming them in my food and until I can be sure they're safe, I will leave it at skin and home care only. 

With that said, I am open to learning more about internal consumption but for the purpose of this post, the EOs that I have chosen with a little help from my friends, is for topical and aromatic use only. I hope that after you do your own research that you'll give this remedy a try!

Tools & Ingredients:

Roll-on bottle (glass, dark like this)
Carrier oil (jojoba, coconut or vitamin E)
Equal drops lavender, peppermint, & lemon essential oils (choose your brand)

The Background:

As briefly mentioned in my post on Connecting the Pieces with Acupuncture (as seen here), I shared that I started to have frequent headaches and dizziness over the course of a week and a half. I made an appointment to see my doctor because I couldn't figure out what would be causing it. My doctor said that it's from seasonal allergies. I have lived in the high desert for almost two years and this is the first of having pressure from allergies. I told my doctor that I do not want any allergy medicine, she recommended essential oils, acupuncture and requested a referral from my insurance company to see a chiropractor. 

I took to several friends who know their EO businesses and told them I was thinking about lavender and peppermint oil but what else would they recommend. They all said lemon. I had recently ordered some lemon and I was set! 

Make & Take: 

I made a small bottle with the above ingredients. I keep it on my person at all times. As soon as I feel a pressure headache coming on, I apply it to the trigger areas (in between my eyes, my temples, and sometimes under the nose for aromatic relief). I must admit that a few applications of this blend has helped me keep the headaches at bay and of course, there is no more associated dizziness with them. It is also pretty hot in the desert nowadays so I'm making sure that I stay hydrated! I know headaches are also a symptom of dehydration. 


Another holistic remedy I read about recently was making a ginger paste to relieve headaches caused by not only seasonal allergies but stress as well. I have also applied ginger paste to my temples to relieve the pain from the headaches and the two times I was home and could make it (before my roll-on remedy), the relief was near automatic! 

In addition to these DIY remedies, I'm doubling up on my Vineyard blend (like this) along with the normal dosage of the Orchard and Garden blends for continued immune system functionality.


Lavender oil by Mind Body Green and Organic Facts
Peppermint oil by Mercola and Little House Living
Lemon oil by Food Freedom Group and How Stuff Works

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