Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Support #Local Businesses - #Donations Mentioned

Reminder: Support local businesses and small business chains. 

Farmer Boys in San Jacinto, CA are generous with their fundraising donations. They are donating just shy of $100 to my after school program with LINC Housing/Cares. They are also doing ongoing fundraisers for my after school program.

I am grateful to LilPixieBOWtique for their very generous donation valued at $2755 to the LINC Cares after school program. The owner donated personalized and handmade bottlecaps and dog tags with accessories to our End of Year Resident Appreciation Event. We had a jewelry making table open to all attending residents free of charge.

I am also thankful to Cooking and Kids for their generous offer of 10 dozen shortbread style “sugar” cookies for our event mentioned above. She donated a healthy spin to the typical holiday sugar cookies. They were made with flax seeds (I think this is her personal signature!) and the extra  bonus was that they were cut out into cute shapes – stars, flowers, circles, and gingerbread men for decorating. 

Last but not least, I am thankful to K. Ville Designs for donating a diaper cake. This was one of several raffles given to the residents who remained at the event for its duration.  Thank you Karla for making this item extra special! (Diaper cake pictured on the table.) 

In the past six months, I have received donations from Walmart, Stater Bros, Vons, Sprouts, Hemet PAL (Police Activities League), a local home schooling mother, and cupcakes from So Good Gluten Free Foods

Thank you to everyone above who has participated in giving back to a local community who is grateful for your generosity.


Jessica wearing 1 of many hats - Resident & Youth Services Coordinator/After School Program Coordinator
Update: My tenure at LINC Housing ended in July 2012 when I moved out of the area. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Favorite #Health Tips for 2011 - #colloidalsilver #arnicagel

For dry, chapped lips – Put a little coconut oil in your navel and follow it with some on your lips. Do this 2-3x a day for a few days and watch the improvement unfold! No more chapped lips! Bottom line: Coconut oil is not only good for consuming but excellent for improving your skin’s suppleness!

My favorite natural product for 2011 – by far is Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology. We picked up the cosmetic gel as we were looking for a safe, natural antibiotic. We removed the neosporins and alike from our medicine cabinet and needed a suitable replacement. This is it!! Perhaps costly as compared to the alternatives but wins in the faster healing process, it is safe – no harmful ingredients and backed by research (no bad reports)...just to name a few of the benefits. .

The second runner up (a very close first) - Arnica Gel. We use this for bumps and bruises and it also helps with muscle soreness. A little goes a long way.