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Try This to Improve Your Life and Relationships {Guest Post}

iConveyAwareness - T'ai Chi Chih for Improved Relationships with photo cred: Seek a Little Solace

Are you interested in serenity, longevity, and good health? Or, perhaps you are interested in becoming better at golf, skiing, or whatever you most enjoy doing. Maybe you would just like to feel less stressed, and more relaxed, less fatigued, and have a general feeling of well-being. If any of these benefits appeal to you then T'ai Chi Chih can help achieve this and much more. People who do the movements regularly have reported a more balanced weight, lower blood pressure, improved vision, asthma greatly relieved, along with clearer mental focus and insights. 

[T'ai Chi Chih improves quality of life which means improved relationships - what a positive byproduct!! - added by Jessica David.]

What is T'ai Chi Chih?

Sometimes called “Joy Through Movement,” T'ai Chi Chih is a simple series of 19 graceful, circular movements, and one standing posture. The regular practice of these movements is said to enhance the flow of the “chi” or life force through the body.

Athletes are learning of added benefits: enhanced ability to focus, improved sense of balance and speedier recovery between workouts. T'ai Chi Chih compliments all sports because we work on weight transfer, centering, and awareness in the midst of movement.

It's good for skiers, golfers, rock climbers and body builders. Ski racers need to have a quiet, relaxed upper body while they deal with a rapidly changing environment. In rock climbing, the relaxed mind will notice more holds, and the body and mind will be more balanced and move more gracefully. T'ai Chi Chih teaches this self-awareness and intuitive sense of balance. Professional golfer, Ann Marie Palli has found T'ai Chi Chih helpful in relaxing her body and mind, and focusing on her feet to “get grounded” before a swing.

Local professional golfer, Tom Page, stated: 
“T'ai Chi Chih has taught me how to relax and learn to help my body do what I want it to do. I learned through Regina's class, how to relax and 'let it happen', rather than try to 'make it happen.'  I can make a proper golf swing without expending extra energy having to think about how to make the correct swing happen. I'm playing better golf now than I've ever played, and practicing less because of learning T'ai Chi Chih.”
Page also noticed T'ai Chi Chih has helped him be more balanced, and receptive to more easily learning Kung Fu.

T'ai Chi Chih was developed around 1973 by Justin Stone, a T'ai Chi Ch'uan Master, who taught at two universities in New Mexico. He noticed that his classes were crowded at the beginning of a semester, and only a handful were left at the end of the semester. He thought T'ai Chi Ch'aun was difficult for some to learn and took much patience and practice of all 108 movements before maximum benefits were received.

T'ai Chi Chih, on the other hand, is easily learned in 8 lessons, and has only 19 moves and one posture. He wanted people here in the West to, more easily, be able to experience their own energy flow with benefits that were felt immediately.

He spent some time in the Orient studying how chi flowed through the body, (similar to acupuncture) and developed T'ai Chi Chih through his expertise of Tai Chi Ch'uan, and his meditations, where the idea of developing easier moves with less effort, came to him. In 1974 he gave the first teacher's training in Los Angeles. It has now grown worldwide, with teachers in many different countries.

Tai Chi Chih is a tool anyone can learn, and then use, to enhance their lives and health. It is self-empowering because it's up to the individual to do the movements daily on their own. As the Chinese say, “You don't appease the appetite by reading the menu.”

Once you take the class, I am always willing to coach you, any way I can, as long as you are sincerely interested to learn. It's not for people who want others to do it for them. It's for people who want to take charge of their lives and learn how to become more focused, balanced, and centered.

I believe it is especially helpful to those in high stress jobs, which fit many categories.

Another advantage of T'ai Chi Chih is you can start at any age or physical condition. You don't have to be in shape to start. Improved health and balance comes naturally without striving to achieve anything.

I also believe it improves relationships because of feeling less stressful, and the sense of well-being which comes with practice, which helps one feel better able to cope with the day-to-day issues of life. Whenever you improve your own inner awareness, it changes how you react to others, like ripples in pond when a pebble is tossed in and radiates outward.

Not only does T'ai Chi Chih enhance the physical, but, also the mental, emotional and spiritual side of us, without striving for any particular emphasis. It balances all parts of us. Once you learn the moves, it’s yours for life. Even if you haven't practiced for a while, or taken a class lately, you can return to it at any time, especially when having a difficult day. What better investment in your well-being is that?

Are you a T'ai Chi Chih teacher, or have you taken a class, or are you a lifelong student? What have been your experiences? This is a community to learn, grow, and share together. Leave a comment. Be well! 

Regina Horgan - T'ai Chi Chih Teacher - Try This to Improve Your Relationships
Regina Horgan is a dedicated T'ai Chi Chih (TCC) teacher who received her accreditation in Arizona, May of 1991. In June of that same year, she attended a “Heightened Awareness” workshop with the founder of T'ai Chi Chih, Justin Stone, and in 1992 learned an advanced form of TCC, called ”Seijaku,” which means serenity in midst of activity. Over the last 20 plus years, Regina taught at Cerro Coso Community College in Ridgecrest, Kerr McGee Recreation Center, The Meeting House, Beverly Manor, through Sierra Sands Unified School District, and in recent years has volunteered to teach TCC at the High Desert Haven, and The Hope Center. Regina was asked to do a one day TCC workshop in Beverly Hills, CA, and was invited to offer TCC as part of a weekend of different healing modalities in Big Bear Lake. She has successfully modified the TCC practice for those confined to wheelchairs in the past, and has offered a free TCC practice class in a park once a month for the community to join in and see what it was all about. Regina currently teaches classes at the Living Desert Wellness Center in Ridgecrest. In addition to her teaching, she is an artist, a published poet, and a songwriter. Regina lives in Ridgecrest, CA, with her dog, Toby. [You can find her page on Facebook here.]

“As a T'ai Chi Chih teacher, I want to demonstrate the philosophy of TCC, not only in my own practice and classes, but also in my daily life. I feel I have a responsibility to be a living example.” - Quote by Regina Horgan

From blog owner, Jessica - Since starting T'ai Chi Chih in November 2015, I have experienced vivid and colorful dreams. I have always had a good sense of good vs bad energy but I have attracted more people who are positive, uplifting, and inspiring into my life! I have been able to better direct my stress, too. I have enjoyed the T'ai Chi Chih practice and Regina is an excellent teacher. She is thorough and is an amazing resource in our community! A book I recommend reading before, during, or after a T'ai Chi Chih class is The Power of Now. You can find it online here

Thank you for reading and learning about this holistic practice that teaches you to be an advocate for your wellness journey. You can find some demos for this teaching on YouTube but I recommend finding a teacher in your area. It could be life-changing for you! 

Photo credit: Seek a Little Solace is owned by Rebecca, a friend, who has given me written permission to use her photo in this post. You will enjoy her blog! She is a real foodie, educator, and a lover of all things nature

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