Friday, September 4, 2015

School Fundraising with Scrip {Guest Post}

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You know what I hate? School fundraisers. H-A-T-E them. You know the ones that I mean; popcorn, cookie dough, pasta, donuts, wrapping paper and even magazines. "But why?!? They help the school, the schools depend on these, how can you say you don't like them?" Don't get me wrong, of course I like helping schools, I like raising money for them, I like encouraging students to take pride in helping their schools. What I am oppose to is spending money on things that I would normally not purchase or consume. I oppose supporting GMO, sugar laden junk food and we are encouraged to ask others to purchase these overpriced non-food items (I mean IS any of that stuff actually food?).

Luckily the fabulous school that my children attend has started using a scrip program for which I am the coordinator for. We started this program about a year ago and it has been steadily growing. Every week we place an order and every week we make money from the rebates. Scrip is simply gift cards that the school receives rebates for. Every time a gift card is purchased the school gets a percentage of that sale back as revenue. So if I purchase a $100 gift card, I pay $100 and I get $100 but the school also gets a percent back. Now a scrip fundraiser doesn't have to be done every week. It could be done monthly, quarterly, twice a year, whatever the school wants but the greatest reward will be by having families get used to using it for their everyday expenses.

Scrip is great for several reasons but my favorite reason is because I'm spending money where I would already be spending money. I purchase gift cards for the grocery store; the home improvement store; where I buy my coffee, get my kids clothing from and order gifts online. This is money that I already have to (or choose to) each week and I feel great taking a few extra moments to purchase my scrip so that every time I spend rebates are earned for the school. It's not even hard. I purchase physical gift cards for some stores, but for most I reload or purchase electronic gift cards. It literally takes a few minutes and the rewards are great!
Perhaps, consider it for your school. Bring it up to the PTO or the administration and share with them how the school can make money without encouraging financially irresponsible unhealthy fundraising. Just my two cents.

Visit this link to learn more about Scrip. 

Getting started checklist here.

Scrip is available in the United States.

Jessica Hall is a mother of 2, scrip coordinator extraordinaire, and owner of Moxie Event Design; specializing in business and community events. 

This is not a paid or sponsored post; it is a guest post. School has begun and this post was published for the purpose of sharing another, probably better, and most likely healthier, fundraising resource. 

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