Monday, December 16, 2013

*** Fundraising with Conveying Awareness & L.E.A.N. [2014] ***

Would you like to raise money for your organization? 

Every month an 'organization' will have an opportunity to link arms with me via my L.E.A.N. health coaching business to fundraise. This is a win-win for everyone. Your organization raises money while your employees, volunteers, or participants learn more about nutrition which in the long run could mean healthier and happier people.

A minimum number of participants in my Nutrition Simplified online workshop is 6 with a maximum of 25. Your organization can earn between $90-$375!! These numbers are based on a percentage from the cost of the workshop only. There will be no additional monies donated from materials purchased from me for the online workshop or from additional health coaching services. The donation amount is strictly from registered (paid in full) participants. 

If you're interested in learning more for an organization you lead or are a part of - you may message me via my blog. Subject: Fundraise with CA. First come, first served. 

Since the workshop is online, it doesn't matter where you reside. I have clients in various places throughout California, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and as far as Japan. 

Who is a good fit for this online workshop?

The L.E.A.N. Start class is best for families with children, care takers of children (schools, daycares, churches, etc.), medical professionals who oversee children and those who are wanting to start a family; however, the material can be used by anyone because it’s easy to learn and implement.

Each session will include a healthy recipe you can easily duplicate at home, as well as hands-on-learning experiences to help you be a savvy shopper getting the most nutrition for your money. 

The participants will learn valuable strategies that will help them:

+ Experience improvements in overall health;
+ Have fewer sick days and less time away from work or school;
+ Reduce medical expenses;
+ Find a weight control plan that actually works;
+ Experience more active and truly energetic lives! 

What topics are taught in the workshop?

+ Traffic Light Eating (a 3-color system that teaches quality of foods not quantity) and Portion Control
+ Breakfast and Grains (Will also discuss controversial ingredients to reduce or avoid.)
+ Veggies and Fruit (ways to eat more of them, talks about importance of fiber)
+ The Skinny on Fat (at L.E.A.N. we don't avoid fat, we eat the right kind of fat - the good fat. Which fats are considered good are discussed.)
+ Power up with Protein and Play (the importance of protein (animal and plant) and play (exercise) is essential for growth, learning, concentration, rebuilding muscles, etc.)
+ Water (Reducing sugar consumption, and drinking more water and why this is important.)

Why choose my online Nutrition Simplified workshop?

+ Accessible. + Personable. + Applicable. + Flexible. +Encouraging and Educational!

Criteria: Must be able to read, speak and write in English. Must have internet access. There are no refunds. The online workshop runs for 6 weeks. I teach one session a week. It is somewhat self paced but in order to stay on topic, you'll be required to login and actively participate in the forums at least twice a week. I will be available to you for questions and online and offline discussions at no extra charge during the six weeks. Once the online workshop is over, you'll have up to 3 weeks to go back and review any information that was covered then the classroom will expire.

The organization's leader will need to submit a roster of participants with their names, email addresses, and phone numbers to me. I will bill each participant separately. Class will begin 2 weeks after all confirmed participants have registered, in essence, have paid in full. I accept PayPal. 

The organization's leader must endorse my workshop and market it to their organization as well as surrounding communities to help qualify the class with at least 6 participants. If registrations pass the 25 maximum mark, another class will be opened at the next available month. Be sure to contact Jessica to see which months are available then schedule it. 


January - Tesa's March trip to the Philippines for her Midwife clinical internship.

February - Open as of 12/16.
March - Open as of 12/16.
April - Open as of 12/16.
May - Open as of 12/16.
June - Open as of 12/16.
July - Open as of 12/16.
August - Open as of 12/16.
September - Open as of 12/16.
October - Open as of 12/16.
November - Open as of 12/16.
December - Open as of 12/16.

Contact via my blog with your interest. More information on my L.E.A.N. Health Coaching Services, click here

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