Monday, November 11, 2013

DIY Powdered Sugar

One Ingredient Powdered Sugar

Using a natural granulated sugar like natural cane turbinado sugar, you can make your own powdered sugar. And, guess what? It'll have one ingredient! Win-Win! 

Do you have a Vitamix on hand? I'm familiar with its usage but you can use any blender in this recipe - it just may take a little longer to make the end product. It'll be the same nonetheless. 

With your Vitamix, measure out no more than 2 cups of sugar, start on variable low then slowly increase to 10 and kick it up to variable high (I'm using a Vitamix 5200). In 30 seconds, you'll have powdered sugar! Store in an airtight container. When you start out with a smaller measurement, it will ensure all sugar is powdered without overheating the machine. 

Using turbinado sugar, your powdered sugar may have a slightly tan appearance. If this is a concern, you can make powdered sugar from organic cane sugar and it will have a similar color appearance to what you may be used to purchasing in the store. 

Organic cane or raw natural sugars are better, healthier alternatives to white, processed sugar.  As per Michael Edwards of the Organic Lifestyle Magazine, he states that organic sugar is "grown without pesticides or chemicals. It is usually darker than traditional white sugar because it contains some molasses." It carries a 47 of the glycemic index. Turbinado sugar is slightly higher on the GI with a 65 whereas white sugar is an 80. "Though turbinado sugar has been partially processed, it still makes it a healthier alternative to white sugar." White sugar is "conventionally grown, chemically processed, and stripped of all beneficial properties." (Sugar & Substitutes with their Glycemic Index, June 2007.) My favorite of all granulated sugars is coconut palm sugar (GI: 35) but I have not made powdered sugar with it yet. 
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