Saturday, October 26, 2013

#ctransc Accountability group forming now!! Join today!

Accountability Group - Clean Transformation Challenge (#ctransc)
Dates: Your Choice!

Do you want a healthier outlook?
Do you want a clearer complexion?
Do you want more energy?
Do you want stamina to boost your fitness levels?
Do you want to lose inches?
Do you want to reduce sugar cravings? 
Do you want to drink more water? 
Do you want to sleep better?
What do you want?

This is possible when we choose to eat cleaner daily. Replace foods that have little to no nutritional value with nutrient-dense whole foods. Add real food to your daily health regimen. Don't go hungry! Stay hydrated! -- with water! Link arms with me and do the Clean Transformation Challenge. Information to sign up is at the end. 

Complete Transformation is a simple program that helps individuals and families transform their health and wellness by incorporating the power of plants and whole foods into their lives for healthy life-long living.

This short 6 week journey can help make lifelong changes by stimulating a “Metabolic Reprogramming” when you give the body the nutrients it needs and wants, you start to desire healthier foods. The more plants & whole foods you put in your body, the better the body is able to do what is was designed to do..... Thrive!

Body transformation (which can include shedding of pounds or even weight gain with muscle mass) may be a positive side effect of the Complete Transformation Program. However, this is not a weight loss program. With this program, you may experience better energy, quality sleep, mental clarity, clearer skin, healthier nails and hair, diminished carbohydrate and sugar cravings, improved digestion and elimination, balanced hormones, improved immunity and better workouts and recovery.

The Plan? It’s simple. You will be eating healthy foods and cutting out bad foods while taking Juice Plus Complete shakes and Juice Plus Orchard, Garden and Vineyard whole-food blends. These products provide the foundation of good health by providing the micronutrients and macronutrients your body needs - whole food nutrition that works in synergy. You will also be drinking more water and engaging in 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week. 

My story: The first Clean Transformation Challenge went very well, actually, it went better than I had imagined. I am already eating clean 80% of the time but I knew that I needed more sources of protein. Dr. Bill Sears says that adults should be striving for half their body's weight in grams of protein daily for normal maintenance, body function, muscle repairing / rebuilding, and protein is great for maintaining blood sugar levels as well as keeping you full and satisfied. I used the #ctransc to see if it could help me maintain my healthy weight but tone and reduce sugar cravings. It did!!!

To learn more about my weekly progress in the first accountability group, visit my chronicles here: week 1week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, and week 6 to see how my daily progress went from week to week. 

I have been eating Juice Plus+ Trio (Orchard, Garden & Vineyard) for 4.5 years and the protein shakes were hit or miss. Since 9/1/13, I have been drinking at least one a day! As a certified health coach, active blogger and mama, this is needed nutrition for the very busy mornings writing content and meeting with clients. Clarity and focus are two attributes I cannot live without. 

Juice Plus+ is the next best thing to fruits and vegetables. It carries a Nutrition Facts label and is food. Juice Plus+ is a tool to help you transform your health regimen and eat more whole foods - eat cleaner and reduce (or eliminate) red light food eating. More on Traffic Light Eating here. Juice Plus+ Complete is our plant based protein powder. Whole food wellness is attainable. 

My results: 
+ I reduced sugar cravings. 
+ I ate more fruit and vegetables daily. 
+ Maintained my healthy weight. 
+ Drank half my body's weight in ounces of water daily.
+ Met the minimum protein requirement daily. 
+ Lost 2 inches around my waist (dropped down to pre-wedding sized jeans (from over 8 years ago);
+ Lost 1 inch around hips;
+ Lost 1 inch around thighs.

How to sign up: Message me on my blog and /or like my Facebook Page and message me there. Visit my website.

Program: Order Juice Plus+ Complete powder (pay for it in full). Drink 1-2 shakes a day. At week 3, order Juice Plus+ Trio (installments) and then reduce Complete shakes as needed. I will email you a Complete recipe book as well as some recipes for meals. In addition, I will be in contact with you throughout the Clean Transformation Challenge providing you wellness education as needed. 

Choose, eat, and live well! =)

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