Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mysterious #fruit. It's a honeydew! Or is it?

Ever purchased a mysterious fruit or vegetable? 

Well, in my personal experiences, I have received new produce in my CSA box that I had not laid eyes on or thought to purchase in the past - like rutabagas or watermelon radish (which are both pretty YUM-O!). Other times while shopping, I make a point to buy something different from the produce section. One time I bought a star fruit. It however wasn't yummy. 

So last week I was craving honeydew melon. I know it's not new or different for most but what I thought was a honeydew turned out to be something else. 

I mean if you saw this melon in the market, wouldn't you think it was a honeydew?
I thought it was a honeydew melon and left it out for a few days to ripen. I cut into it today and this is what was inside:
A cantaloupe?! 
What about the taste you ask? It tastes like a mix between the two flavors of a honeydew and a cantaloupe. It is super sweet! My son asked me to juice it but it's so juicy alone that I had eaten half of the melon in just 15 minutes!!

The next awesome thing about this particular melon in question is that it tastes like a honeydew but has the texture of a cantaloupe. Even the seeds were more like that of a honeydew. I shared this image on my personal Facebook page as well as originally through Instagram. A few commented that it may be a Crenshaw melon or an Orange Honeydew. Both descriptions left me believing it was neither. Mainly because the rind of the melon pictured above was not the same as described in the other two. 

What an awesome experience, right?! Now, leave a comment sharing the last time you tried a new fruit or vegetable.  What was it and how did it taste? 

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Choose, eat, and live well! =)

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