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My Interview with #SGGFF a #gluten-free (and more) bakery in #Temecula, CA

Greetings, Lindy and Devin! I have had the pleasure of knowing your family for three years. I would like for others to get to know you and your business, So Good Gluten Free Foods, better.  I remember when you started out sampling your baked mac-n-cheese and brownies at Delaney’s in Old Town Temecula. This is when I learned more about the importance of eating gluten-free (GF) and that sweet indulgences do not need to be given up. Though I have no intolerances, I still enjoy eating GF as I believe it balances the gut. In my personal experience, eating too much gluten causes lethargy. Food should be fuel. And, eat the sweet stuff in moderation! =)

Jessica David with Conveying Awareness: Before we get into your business, let’s bring attention to eating gluten free. What does it mean to be gluten-free?
Lindy Pine with SGGFF: What it means to be gluten free is that you eliminate wheat, rye and barley from your diet and also from all products that you use, including, for example, make- up and shampoo.

Jessica: How do we find out if gluten is in our foods?
Lindy:  Sometimes it's difficult to know if there is gluten in our foods because not every manufacturer states whether gluten is present in their product.  Sometimes it will state it on the box as an allergen or just in the list of ingredients but with processed foods you need to be careful when selecting the product.

Jessica: What are some common foods gluten is found in?
Lindy: Gluten is commonly found in bread, pasta, baked goods, gravy and sauces.  

Jessica: By any chance, can gluten (or its derivatives) be found in products for the body or in cleaning products? If so, do you know any brands to steer clear of?
Lindy: Yes, gluten can be present in many products.  There is no requirement currently for companies to declare it on their packaging, so the best course of action is to contact the company directly to find out if gluten is present.

Jessica: In your professional opinion, why are more people being diagnosed with gluten intolerances or allergies?
In my opinion, GMOs and chemical additives in food are playing a large part in increasing the number of people who are being diagnosed with gluten intolerances and other food intolerances.  It's not just intolerances that are being triggered either.  Autoimmune diseases such as hashimotos (thyroid), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type 1 Diabetes and Lupus are sharply increasing and it's my view that it's because of our bodies "fighting off" what they think is an attack via the chemical additives, antibiotics, GMOs in our foods and ending up getting confused and attacking our own bodies.

If someone doesn’t require gluten-free foods, why is it important to take gluten out of the diet – what are the benefits?
Every situation is different and people have to make their own decision about what's best for them; however, we do know that gluten has an inflammatory effect on the body and we know of many people who have chosen to live a gluten free lifestyle not for medical reasons but because they feel healthier for doing so.  "My aches and pains have disappeared", "My arthritis has cleared up", "My brain fog has gone away" are just some of the comments we have heard.

Tell us more about your family’s situation.
In our situation, I found out that I had Hashimoto's disease (autoimmune thyroid) in 2005 and when I researched the condition I read that with any autoimmune disease it was healthier for me to become gluten free.  My husband joined me soon after and it cured his sinus and acid reflux issues, followed by my 91 year old mother in law who eliminated her arthritis and stomach issues and our 11 year old son who no longer has sinus issues.

Your business was established:
March 2010.

Before your storefront opened, I remember you taking orders via Facebook and your website offering free delivery with at least a $20 order for those living in Temecula. Has this changed since your bakery is open 5 days a week?
Yes, we no longer offer delivery.  Customers can either pick up for free from our bakery, usually 1-2 days after they place their order, or we can ship to CA, AZ or NV at a cost of $10 up to a $30 order, $15 for all orders above $30.

Do you still take orders online and ship products? Tell me more about this as I have followers all over the country.
Yes - customers in CA, AZ or NV can order either online, via phone or over the counter in our bakery.

Please list your operation’s hours and days. What is the address for your bakery?
Our opening hours are Wed-Sat 9-5, Sun 10-3 currently and we're located at 32475 Temecula Parkway, Suite G-103B, Temecula, CA 92592.  As a reference point for local people - we're next door to Killarney's Irish Pub.

I have seen your products sold in Organic Roots (formerly known as Sprouts Natural Market in Temecula). Where else do you stock your products?
As well as Organic Roots, our products are stocked in The Farmstead Market in Murrieta, Wilson Creek Winery (Temecula), The Broken Yolk Cafe (Temecula), E.A.T. Marketplace (Temecula), The Bite Market (Orange CA), and Glen Ivy Spa (Corona).

Are you ‘certified’ gluten-free or do you use a dedicated kitchen for making your products? This is an important concern for Celiacs that are most sensitive to cross-contamination.
Currently, we're not a certified gluten free facility however we are a dedicated gluten free and soy free facility.  Many of our products are also dairy free and egg free and we take great care to avoid cross contamination when we bake all products.  For example, by cleaning and sanitizing all utensils and counters between batches and by storing ingredients separately in secure containers.

Do you use soy or corn? As many people have cross-reactive concerns with these ingredients.
We do not use soy in any of our products at all.  Our baking powder contains non GMO cornstarch which doesn't seem to cause an issue for many of our customers that have a corn allergy.

Do you use non-GMO ingredients?
Yes, we aim to make sure that all of our ingredients are non-GMO, although it's hard sometimes because it's not a requirement for manufacturers to state whether or not their products contain GMO ingredients.  We have found the best way to find out is to contact all of our suppliers directly.

What is the sweetener of choice?
We use organic sugar in all of our products.

Also share any new product requests you’re working on, if you can.
We are constantly asked to come up with many new products and we are working on them but it's a constant challenge because we are so busy making all of our current products!

Please share anything else you’d like to mention.
I'd like to share that we make everything from scratch using our own flour blends.  Everything is made by hand with all natural ingredients, no additives or colors.

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