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The #Benefits of Therapeutic #Massage - #smallbusiness April 2013 Feature

The Benefits of Therapeutic Massage
By Elisa DeCristo, CMT

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Massage is seen by many as a form of pampering as well as a way to relieve stress and pain, but massage does more than just help stressed out moms and injured athletes.

Massage has a wide application as an alternative form of treatment.  Studies show that massage is beneficial for almost anyone and that it can help provide some sort of relief from almost any condition.  We are talking about preterm newborns to teens with aggressive behaviors, pregnant women, those suffering from drug and alcohol addictions, chronic pain sufferers, the elderly and the terminally ill. Massage therapists even work on pets including horses. This shouldn't be a surprise; it makes sense that the power of healing touch has no boundaries and works on all walks of life.     

Massage could help prevent heart attacks, falls or have other benefits that we may not be aware of.  In school, I was taught to work the Soleus muscle, a.k.a. the calf, because it is considered the second heart and it helps pump blood back to the heart.  Using this methodology, a massage can prevent people from having heart attacks.  Another interesting fact is when the Tibialis Anterior is worked, a.k.a. the muscle that runs behind your shin bone, it may prevent people from falling since this muscle helps lift the foot when walking.  With over 600 muscles in the body, I sometimes wonder what kind of benefits are taking place during a massage that the client or the therapist are not even aware of.

Studies in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine report that the benefits of massage are cumulative and the frequency of a massage increases its therapeutic value.  Benefits to a massage usually last a few days to a week but receiving repeated massages, once weekly, has an added effect compared to receiving a massage once a year.   Just like you wouldn't go the gym once a year or eat healthy once a month, the same holds true for massage. 

As a massage therapist myself, I can fully understand the time and financial constraints to receiving regular massages.  Personally, I try to receive a massage once a month because I know it makes me feel good and it makes me a better therapist and I miss the days when I was in massage school receiving daily massages because I experienced so many life changing benefits.  So I urge you, give yourself an hour of medicine, pampering or whatever you want to call it, just do it, and do it regularly because the benefits are amazing!

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Elisa DeCristo is a Certified Massage Therapist and strongly believes in the healing power that massage has on the mind and body.  After 20 years in the corporate world, she traded her career to stay at home and raise her two younger kids.  Staying at home allowed her time to homeschool her kids and follow her passions which include holistic health, spending time outdoors and dabbling in photography.  She is currently working on taking her national board certification in massage and enjoys learning about natural healing remedies.  She has her own private practice in Old Town Temecula, CA and works part-time providing massage to patients at a drug and rehab facility and part-time at Glen-Ivy Springs.  

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