Sunday, April 8, 2012

Infused #Garlic - #Natural Remedies to treat #congestion

In January (2012), my son caught a bug. Everyone has been saying how “it’s going around”. We aren’t invincible though sometimes I feel like it when we take our *fruit and vegetable capsules and/or chewables daily. We are around other children a lot so the likeliness of getting sick is higher.

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So on a Saturday morning, my son started to cough and had a little congestion in his throat. He wasn’t miserable but I know when I act quickly on these little buggers it can make a big difference in the duration and outcome. I doubled him up on his chewables and Vitamin C. By the next day his cough had lessened but he still had congestion. We sat in the steamy bathroom, saline in his nose and a cool mist humidifier in his room throughout the weekend. I had some Hyland’s cough syrup and gave that to him every 6 hours. By Monday he was sounding better but I thought one more day of ‘treating’ him would suffice before he went back to daycare.

I went online to a wellness group I’m a member of and asked what else I could do. So it was mentioned I should infuse garlic in raw honey. Made sense!! Garlic is great for immunity and fighting infections and raw honey has so many healing properties. After infusing for 20 minutes, I removed the garlic and poured the honey into some yogurt. My son didn’t know there was garlic in there. He gobbled it up. Over the course of the day, I made him two more cups of yogurt with the infused garlic-honey.

On Tuesday, he woke up without congestion! Though a small cough remained, he was well enough to send to daycare. The childcare provider said that most of the children were out for the rest of the week due to illness and the kids that attended were coughing. The other preventative step I took while my son fought off the congestion and cough was that while he was home in the mornings and evenings during the rest of the week I coated his feet with coconut oil and put on his socks. Coconut oil has wonderful healing properties as well.

I continued to offer the Hyland’s cough syrup twice a day while treating him to hot steamy bathroom visits, coconut oil on his feet and of course, he doubled up on his fruit and vegetable chewables. By week’s end, he was well and had no cough or congestion.

When you can – treat naturally. What to keep on hand in your pantry at all times: 1) coconut oil, 2) garlic, 3) raw honey. Be well!

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