Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A #King's Daughter - Spiritual #Wellness

After nearly 14 years since receiving my salvation, on Sunday, October 16th, I was water baptized! 

Why did it take so long? Probably formalities or missed the announcements over the years. I first showed interest in doing so in 2004 but when the church scheduled it, I was on my way out of the country so I missed it. Then when I attended the church overseas, it took a few years before there was enough interest per se for it to be held - who knows this is just speculation. Well, I knew this year that when the opportunity came up I was going to do it rain or shine (figurative/literal) and that's just what happened! I heard the announcement two weeks before and committed to it! 

Why did I do it? I want to deepen my relationship to and with Jesus Christ. To me, it's not about religion, it's about relationship! Honestly, that's how I treat everything in my life. Relationship trumps all.  Business cannot be conducted without first having a relationship with people. It's not about products or services, it's about people! So with this baptism, it is about Jesus! I want to fulfill my calling to be a Prayer Warrior for the Most High. It is a pleasure to pray with and for others. 

How did I feel while it took place/afterwards? I had much peace and sheer happiness. Everyone said they were excited to see me because of the joyful expression I had on my face. I felt my body shake a little after coming out of the water. Matter of fact the feeling was much like surrendering to the Holy Spirit right before you "fall out". I was thankful my husband was there along with my son. My little one after seeing me come out of the water yelled, "my turn!" then proceeded to hand me my towel. What a sweet boy. This was a public declaration that I call myself a Christ follower. I'm a sinner but I am forgiven. I am grateful for a gracious God, Someone who will always love me, One who has chosen me and has equipped me for this journey. Thank you Heavenly Father. #JesusReigns

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