Friday, June 24, 2011

#Estrogen Dominance, Balancing #Hormones Naturally (for women) #Health Talk - My Notes

I attended a free health lecture at Sprout's [now called Organic Roots] on Balancing Hormones. These are my notes:

In our industrialized nation, 90% of everything we consume to eat/drink (everything that is non-organic has estrogen in it) and to put on our bodies – lotions, shampoos, detergents, clothing, etc has either petroleum or a byproduct of petroleum in it (if it lists parabens, it has estrogen in it). Estrogen is found in petroleum. 

We are dealing with an estrogen dominated society. This is not good. This means that from every direction we are getting estrogen but LOSING progesterone unless it’s being replaced by a pregnancy, a menstrual cycle, or progesterone in its natural form. For women, the receptor sites are located in our breasts and in our uterus. The estrogen is being absorbed by these sites hence reasons in infertility and breast cancer among many other health issues.

Estrogen dominance leads to diabetes, osteoporosis, and breast cancer. It was said that by the age of 50 we will start to lose bone mass. However, this age is decreasing due to the estrogen dominance in our society. The age is about 35!!

The #1 way to tell if women are estrogen dominated is fat around breasts and waist that does not go away even with exercise.

Hormones rule over our endocrine system. Progesterone is an important hormone and we need it for our entire life.

Progesterone the hormone found in women is responsible for making cells for hair, nails, and bones.

The best way to get the progesterone is through a trans-dermal (topical) cream that is applied to the fatty tissue on our bodies – for women, it’s our inner thighs, our arms near our pits, and stomach. 

Progesterone cream from Wild Yam plant is touted as the best.

Progesterone is wonderful for combating dry skin and wrinkles. Are you experiencing migraines? What about incontinence? What about libido and motivation? Terrible sleep?  Can’t lose some problem area weight? Having fertility issues? Etc. 

It’s the balance of hormones, i.e., progesterone, in our body that keeps us healthy. 

Be well.

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Choose, eat, and live well! =)

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