Monday, February 21, 2011

Known #Toxins in your home

Shine put out a quick article about known carcinogens/toxins found in every day products and services. I skimmed through the commentary to find that there is a good split between people agreeing with the article and others thinking it's complete hocus pocus.

My belief is that these chemicals over time will cause harm to your health. Maybe not in the form of a cancer but most likely, decreased immune system, and that is enough for me to bring attention to what I can do now to hopefully alleviate having to take action later. Being proactive now while enjoying life now... and later, will pay off for me. Now IS the keyword. Let's get started!

The 8 known carcinogens to remove from your house is great if you want a good place to start. Pick one of the eight items and work on it over the next, let's say, 6 months, in removing it completely and finding a healthier and safer alternative.

Be well.

Here is a short list of recommendations for safer alternatives:
DIY air freshener using essential oils and distilled water
Holistic flea and tick control like brewer's yeast to pet's diet
Cedar balls

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Choose, eat, and live well! =)

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