Saturday, November 13, 2010

Added #MSG - Reduce or Remove

This evening I was chatting with a friend about my upcoming wellness talk (11/20) after she heard a smidgen about "label reading" she asked about MSG. I told her that I talk about other ingredients to avoid - mainly from a 'baby step' approach and that children 6 and older are encouraged to attend with their parents so that they can help at their next trip to the grocery store. I told her that MSG is one of those ingredients that are bad for you but that I will address the frauds out there, the HFCS, the hydrogenated oils and the artificial colors to start. Once a family can remove these simple starter ingredients from their every day foods then they'll look into the other ingredients that aren't healthy and reduce and eventually remove them as well. 

So when I got home I looked up "MSG and its aliases" and found some shocking articles about this ingredient. I had heard that "natural flavor/ings" was a catch all term for MSG and that's true - MSG is often found in it. Basically anything hydrolyzed, anything that is flavored from a meat product, or a yeast has MSG in it. However, it doesn't go without saying, if you know your supplier or can inquire about what their "natural flavor" includes then you should seek out that answer to see if it fits what your family safely consumes. 

The best way to avoid MSG or any of the other ingredients I will address at my talk is to simply eat whole, raw foods and never eat out and never buy anything or cook anything from a box. Hmm... That's definitely hard to do in today's America. 

What do you do to remove or better yet, reduce your MSG intake? 

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Choose, eat, and live well! =)

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