Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aldi, #Read labels, #Research

I thought I was onto something when I stumbled upon an Aldi, food market, in a small town I'm visiting. I had read recently that Aldi was similar to Trader Joe's, however, after my visit in the store, was I mistakenly wrong! 

My friend had told me that if this particular Aldi had foods similar to Trader Joe's then they probably wouldn't be in business. That's unfortunate because even in small towns where many low-income families live is where the education of choosing healthy foods is needed most. These communities need more exposure to healthy food choices. 

I only bought 4 items because everything else had high fructose corn syrup (which you will not find ANY item in Trader Joe's), aspartame or a boat load of artificial sweeteners and dyes. The items I found did not have any of the above and they were few and far between.

I saw a customer picking up her items, reading the front label, and adding them to her basket. From what I could see in her basket, many of the items read, "natural" and "lite." Another customer had only the "Fit & Active" brand items in his basket. Hmmm... I thought he was onto something. I checked these items and every single one of them had the yucky ingredients as listed above.

Case and point: Do not trust the fancy packaging on the building itself and especially on the front packages of consumables. Always read labels. READ, RESEARCH and READ Again! 

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  1. Trader Joe's could never survive in a low income area, that's why they aren't placed there. It's unfortunate that these areas do not have options such as Trader Joe's, but it is possible to educate yourself and shop at the local grocery and choose wisely while shopping. Fresh fruit, vegetables, and items without hfcs and other artificial sweeteners.