Monday, September 20, 2010

Aldi Take 2

So I stumbled upon another Aldi Food Market store. This time in Waldorf, MD... a city that continues to develop. Waldorf is about 30 minutes south of Washington D.C. - which is a melting pot city. This lets you know there may be a nice variety of people in Waldorf, and there is. 

I was excited to see what this Aldi store offered that Hamlet's (NC) store did not. I made a special trip today. I was extremely disappointed!! This store offered no healthy alternatives. They surely carried their "Fit & Active" items... blah! 

I would love to know if there is an Aldi store near you and what types of products/brands you find within?

If I find another store in a different state, I will check it out and if the results are the same as the Hamlet, NC and Waldorf, MD stores then I will draw my own conclusion stating that they are nothing like or even remotely similar to Trader Joe's. Who are they fooling? Hmmpf!!

To your health... 

Be sure to read your labels and look at the top of the shelves and on the bottom to get to the real good stuff. Big named brands purchase "shelf real-estate" in the stores so that you see their unhealthy products first (unless you're in the organic section then that does not apply). 


  1. I know this is late but all Aldi stores are the same smh

  2. What's sad about this chain is that the general population believes it to stock healthy food!