Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Real - Sickness and #Wellness

I've come to this conclusion tonight: We must treat our health like our salvation. If it's important to me to know my Savior then it's important that I know what I'm eating. My life depends on my ability to make smart food choices. My salvation (eternal life) depends on knowing God and His promises. I can't go blindly through life because I didn't know. I do know! I can't turn my back on the Truth.

The changes I will be making will be small steps but steps in the right direction nonetheless. If I make small meaningful baby steps, they're sure to stick over time.

I'm thankful that I'm a part of a whole food nutritional movement because an organization has opened my eyes to recognizing poor food choices, i.e., HFCS, Food Dyes, Hydrogenated Oils, etc.

There's more to the story of what we are eating and how it's been treated to be put on our table. 

Hormones and pesticides aren't good.

Obesity is real. Type 2 Diabetes is real. Cancer of children is real. This stuff isn't going away. It's real scary!

It's not too late for my family to do the right thing. Thank God! Just like He forgives allowing us a fresh start... I can give us a fresh start with choosing the right foods.

There's a challenge ahead of me but my family's health is so worth it. It may cost more $ up front but down the road, I have faith that we will be healthier.

I am faithful. I am ready to dive in... Join me! 

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  1. Following you from MBC! Great blog and such wonderful, informative information!