Book your nutrition consult today! Let’s take this path together. You don’t have to do it alone! Embrace real food nutrition. =)

Link arms with Jessica David, CHC, in your wellness journey!
Focus on transforming your life rather than a ‘quick fix’ diet that is not sustainable. Make real changes in a manageable way with a partner and advocate who will be with you every step of the way. Link arms with Conveying Awareness.

You will receive one-on-one support with Jessica David with additional email (or text) support as needed. This private consultation takes a comprehensive approach; combining evidence based nutrition guidelines with a focus on quality and source while addressing your unique needs, embracing intuitive eating principles, managing stress, and incorporating movement.

Consider this: You have the ability to heal your body and transform your health. You just need some tools to help you do so. Embrace your health and wellness; book your nutrition consult today!

A one hour nutrition consultation with Jessica David, CHC is $55. Pay here.

Contact Jessica David at 951-234-4210 or email her at Jessica @ to arrange payment or to schedule your nutrition coaching session. (Remove spaces before sending your message.)
If I’m meeting with you online or over the phone, payment is due 48 hours prior.
Link arms with Conveying Awareness in aligning your food storage with your new knowledge.
The Pantry Makeover in your home will begin with a brief overview of Traffic Light Eating which will include label reading (knowing the nos) then we’ll look in your pantry and refrigerator so that you may have hands-on practice in choosing good-for-your-family foods and learning which ones to avoid next time and which ones to substitute out for healthier options. 75 minutes; $55. Pay here.

We’ll navigate the aisles together and will identify marketing loopholes and healthy brands. Book this consult today!
The Supermarket Savvy Service is best conducted after I’ve given you the L.E.A.N. guidelines for label reading. I’ll serve as the little voice of reason and provide you gentle reminders of what we’ve covered previously. This is a helpful hands-on approach to real food nutrition so that you may feel confident when you’re shopping later for yourself and your family on your own. Have a shopping list prepared for this visit. Location restrictions apply. 75 minutes; $55. Pay here.

For a full listing of service offerings, please visit my coaching website for more information. 

Treat Yourself Better premium package
Every February, June, and October, local massage therapist, Maggi Cerutti, and I team up to offer a massage and nutrition package at a savings of $35! This "Treat Yourself Better" package is only offered during those 3 months from the 1st through the 15th. The package includes a 75-minute massage and a 1-hour nutrition consultation. Maggi does not offer a 75-minute massage otherwise; this is special time and rate offering just for this 3x a year package! You can pre-pay here. Mention SunshineSavings when booking with me first. 

Massage & Nutrition standard package 
This standard massage and nutrition package offers a 60-minute massage from Maggi Cerutti and 60-minute nutrition consultation from me for $110. Clients that book with me first, will receive $10 back when they see me and Maggi within the same calendar month. This standard package is offered year around. Mention MN2016sp10 and pay here

Snacking for the Health of It workshop
The next workshop offering is on 3/28 at 6-8p. You can pre-pay here. The workshop cost is $45. All pre-registered guests will receive a take home snack kit as part of the workshop. Two to three recipes are shared and sampled along with real food nutrition tips. Our guests will receive recipes to remake at home as well as discounted service offerings plus all pre-registered guests will receive seated massages from Maggi Cerutti during the talk. Registration closes on Friday, 3/25. There will be no late registrations. Bonus: If you've previously attended a Snacking for the Health of it workshop, you'll save $10 off your registration. Please contact me if this is your situation. Location: 119 E. California Ave, Ridgecrest, CA. 

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