These are the Tools I use and Products I recommend because they're trusted (and the products are backed by third party (independent) research). I use these resources in my wellness journey. Maybe you'll find something here too! Please consider clicking my affiliate links so that I can earn a small commission on your preferred products below. This does not increase the price you pay. Matter of fact, many times you'll pay a lesser price because of my relationship to the products I recommend. 

I never met a better blender until I purchased a Vitamix. I’ve owned mine for 5 years and use it at least daily. I used to go through other brands rather often. The 7-year warranty that comes with buying new and direct from the manufacturer really helps me because I can be somewhat hard on kitchen tools and this gives me a peace of mind. You also have the option of paying for an extended warranty with the purchase of your Vitamix blender. With the Vitamix, I can make foods in a snap. Plus, now they have several new models – a space saver style and a blend and go.

Follow me on my blog to learn how I make healthier foods using this tool. If you’re interested in purchasing a Vitamix from the manufacturer, you can earn free shipping ($25Us/$35CN) by clicking on the image below or at a later time, entering this code: 06-008064 before you check out. (Plus you can request interest-free installments.) Some of my favorite uses of the Vitamix is making my own pesto, grinding flax seeds to make meal, making 1-ingredient powdered sugar, using it as a food processor to make raw fudge, and none other than nutrient rich smoothies!


Our SAD (Standard American Diet) has an over-abundance of Omega 6, which contributes to inflammation, as well as becoming insulin resistant, having higher bad cholesterol, and it contributes to higher blood pressure. How are you striking the right balance? In our American culture, we need more Omega 3 sources which are found in fish (salmon is best), flax, grass-fed beef, some soy (choose non-GMO) and sunflower seeds.

Dr. Bill Sears recommends eating wild, cold-water fish and/or supplementing with fish oil from either of these trusted companies: Vital Choice (his preferred choice) or Nordic Naturals (my personal choice for the last 5 years). Both companies have independent third party studies on their efficacy). As an affiliate for both Vital Choice and Nordic Naturals, you can purchase your fish and /or fish oil supplements below. Please message me if you need further product direction.

By clicking on the image for Vital Choice, you’ll be taken to their secured website for researching, resourcing, and ordering. You’ll receive 10% off your first order when you order with me. Since they source their salmon from the Pacific they are taking every precaution to ensure there is no radiation from the Fukushima fall-out. P.S. Dr. Sears wouldn’t recommend a product that doesn’t take every precaution or one that isn’t sustainable.

If you’re uncertain about eating fish products from the Pacific, you may be interested in Nordic Naturals as their fish comes from Norway. While Nordic Natural doesn’t sell fish to eat, they do carry a kids’ fish oils line and their prices are attainable by more families. You can also find Nordic Natural for sell at health food stores.

When you click on the Nordic Naturals image below, you can create an account. In order to get special pricing, you’ll Scroll to Get Started Now & Patients Referred By Practitioners. On the next screen, you will enter ID #87424. You’ll receive 15% off MSRP and free shipping. So, though you can get their products in the store, there is a chance they’ve been marked up for the store to profit but when you order from a practitioner (me or anyone who’s an approved affiliate), you will save money. Yes I will make a small percentage from your purchase, but you’re still paying a better price. I cannot prescribe a specific product for you as I’m not a medical doctor but I can point you in the direction to streamline your research.

We all can (and should) eat more fruits and vegetables.  Dr. Bill Sears recommends that we eat 9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. I personally recommend that people strive for 5. That is five different fruits and 5 different vegetables daily. This way you will get a variety. Most people cannot achieve either recommendation regularly.

Dr. Sears recommends Juice Plus+ because it is backed by independent third-party clinical studies in reputable medical journals. If you want to understand why he chooses Juice Plus+ it is because it answers the following two questions in the 30+ published studies. More on funding of the published studies.

1) Does the product get into the blood stream? And 2) What does it do once it gets there?

“Not a multivitamin, medicine, treatment or cure for any disease, Juice Plus+ is all-natural and made from quality ingredients carefully monitored from farm to capsule so you can enjoy improved nutrition and wellness.”

Gardening? Would you like to have a green thumb? Maybe you already do but don’t want to break your back digging, pulling, and prepping (and maintaining) your land to grow delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs? Look no further than the Tower Garden! No soil required. Grown in food-grade UV plastic. Uses very little energy! Less trips to the grocery store for produce. It requires very little space so if you don’t have a backyard, you can still have a Tower Garden! All hand-picked, vine-ripened produce. Ask me how you can get started today! Maybe you want to own one and sell them, too? Both options are available. More accessories are available here. View: Time Lapse of the Tower Garden and Informative YouTube Video: What is a Tower Garden?

Grab a Planet Box (stainless steel reusable lunch box) for you and your family. Add lots of color, fruits and veggies, and good sources of protein! I like that these are safe, easy to clean, the bags are durable, and the compartments keep foods separated. The creativity on what to pack really takes flight! Extra tools for packing liquids are available as well as an ice pack and utensils. 

I put off for nearly two years purchasing one of these filters mainly due to unfamiliarity, the countless products on the market, and cost. After months of research and trying other systems out, I should have went with the Berkey after a recommendation from a colleague first. I have not been more satisfied with water consumption EVER! I definitely get my weight in ounces of water every day now. Water has never tasted as clean as it does in a Berkey. It's crazy because the cleanest I thought was filtered by a big brand - yeah right!?! (Though I do have to admit in a pinch, the best water bottle brand is Arrowhead because it's a neutral pH.)

When we moved to the high desert, the water didn't taste great. And, for me, water is my drink of choice. We learned that in mountainous areas, there will be some arsenic in the water. Though there are trace (safe amounts they say), I prefer to filter it out along with fluoride and other heavy metals for my wellness journey. The Berkey does that! We purchased the extra filters for arsenic removal. Next: Whole house filtration system because our skin does absorb a percentage of water (everything we put on it) through it and it hits the blood stream. 

Choose wisely - food, products, etc. Choose a Berkey for your water filtration needs plus no electricity is required, so this can be used in an emergency and of course, every day! I have the Imperial (4.5 gallons) and my family of three goes through this amount in about 2 days. 

Place your first order of Primal Pit Paste and receive a 15% off discount when you click here to place your order. In addition, when you sign up for their newsletter or special offers, they'll send you additional discounts and BOGO offers! 

Since my son had enough hair to wash, we have chosen Original Sprout. He's now in elementary school and he still has a head full of tight curls. We really love the Miracle Detangler and Leave in Conditioner. These are two products that we buy on a regular basis. I have written two non-sponsored posts about these products. I think they are a perfect fit for people with hair that tangles easily, curly hair, ethnic hair, and mixed race hair. My son falls into most of these categories. I love that the ingredients are safe and free from hormone disruption. You can receive $10 off your first purchase when you place your order here. I will in turn receive a $10 credit on my account. I have been purchasing their products since 2008. The account is free to set up. 

Please consider clicking my affiliate links so that I can earn a small commission on your preferred products below. This does not increase the price you pay. Matter of fact, many times you'll pay a lesser price because of my relationship to the products and businesses I recommend.